Welcome to the last “Trending This Tuesday” roundup blog of the month. And what better time to improve your marketing than now? Give this article a read for top tips on how to record a marketing video on a shoestring budget, how to maintain strong relationships with your clients, landing page optimization and much more!

1. How Financial Advisors Can Record Marketing Videos On A Shoestring Budget via Twenty Over Ten

Video marketing has become the most effective and popular digital media strategy, but we understand that getting started can be difficult.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact…you can record a video in three simple steps on a shoestring budget.

Step 1: Just use your phone

Step 2: Add captions to your video

Step 3: Upload your video across multiple platforms

Want to learn more about each step? Check out the video and steps in this blog.

2. Tips for Maintaining Strong Relationships With Your Customers via Advisorpedia

Running a successful business is no easy feat, but one of the best ways to do this is to maintain strong relationships with your customers. In order to do this, use these six useful tactics:

  1. Use updated technology
  2. Keep improving your business
  3. Educate your employees
  4. Have a great approach to customer service
  5. Offer rewards programs
  6. Build connections with social media

Learn more about each tip and maintain stronger relationships with your customers in 2022 and beyond.

3. 5 Hard Marketing Truths Financial Advisors Should Accept via The Podcast Factory

Many financial advisors spend weeks on marketing strategies that may not get them a client. But, if you do it the correct way, marketing is such an important and beneficial part of your overall strategy. In order to simplify your marketing and get more out of it, tune in to this podcast.

4. Episode 95: The Ugly Truths About Marketing Advisors Need to Know via The Advisor Lab

Marketing is incredibly important, because without proper marketing tactics, how can you grow your business? In this podcast, they dive into some of the ugly truths about marketing every financial advisor should know. Give it a listen!

5. Landing Page Optimization: 15 Best Practices to Maximize Conversions [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Landing pages are crucial to driving leads and boosting conversions, so it’s important that you are creating landing pages that are best optimized to do this. In this infographic, they cover how to do this including:

  • Publish relevant content
  • Write concise and compelling copy
  • Illustrate results
  • Enable conversion
  • Align with referrals

Give the article a read to get the full infographic and start boosting your conversion rate.

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