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💻 FMG Unveils AI-Powered Social Media Caption Engine via Financial Advisor Magazine

Social media marketing is a great way to connect with current clients while attracting prospects. And if advisors are having a hard time with content creation, the “one-click” AI-powered social media content engine will use the abilities of ChatGPT assist.

💡Key Insight

Advisors will be able to create content easily with ChatGPT while using their own personal voice. This tool can really help advisors that are struggling to write their own social media content by giving them a foundation and allowing them to personalize it. 

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🎙Advisor Podcasting 101: How to Hone Your Hosting Skills via Three Crowns Marketing

When it comes to a successful podcast, there are some things that you should consider, and that includes planning ahead, knowing your audience, steering the conversation and more. 

💡Key Insight

Podcasts are a great way to reach a widespread audience conversationally while also providing your listeners with useful information. But the success of your podcast starts and ends with the host.  

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📱The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Social Media Campaign via SproutSocial

Creating a social media campaign that works requires a process where it’s pertinent that you’re staying focused on your brand’s goals and the needs of your audience.

💡Key Insight

In order to run a successful social campaign from start to finish, it’s crucial to follow a three-step process, that involves brainstorming the themes, building out your creative content and measuring your analytics. 

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📣 How to Reach Ideal Clients Through Engaging Messaging via Advisor Perspectives

Your clients look to you when it comes to making important financial decisions. And a big way to gain their trust is through engaging messaging that showcases not only your expertise but connects with them in a personal way. 

💡Key Insight

In order to create the type of messaging that really connects, focus on your audience, including their pain points, challenges and what motivates them. From there, hone in on the benefits they will receive if they work with you while using clear and concise language.

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