We are moving right along, and that includes getting back to school! And before things get too hectic, we wanted to help you streamline your work and keep your marketing on track. From marketing tips to a social media content strategy and more, this roundup has it all!

1. Four Marketing Cornerstones for Advisors via Advisor Perspectives

As a financial advisor, building and growing a sustainable business requires developing a strong marketing foundation. So, in order to attract qualified leads and convert them into clients, it’s important to create marketing tactics that work. In order to create and then continue a strong strategy, here are four things to remember.

  1. Identify your ideal client
  2. Identify your competitive advantage
  3. Know how you want to be perceived
  4. Consider your client experience

Learn more about each one as Crystal Butler dives in.

2. 9 Marketing Strategies to Make Events More Successful via Advisorpedia

We didn’t attend in-person events for two years, and now that we have been back in the “swing of things” for quite a while, most people really want to make their events successful. These marketing strategies are sure to help you get the most out of your event:

  • Brand the event
  • Use Facebook events and groups
  • Follow up with Facebook Messenger
  • Use LinkedIn events
  • Sell your speakers
  • Hype the event before registration opens
  • Offer an early bird discount or a flash sale
  • Use video

You know how much we love to use video in our marketing, so this is a great tip. It can be used in emails, on social media and more. Get insight into each tip in the full article.

3. 14 Tips for Generating Results as a Social Media Content Creator [Infographic] via Social Media Today

A strong social media strategy is crucial to your overall marketing strategy, but it can be difficult to consistently think of content to post that will really draw people to your social platforms and ultimately your website. This infographic shares 14 tips to get the kind of results that you want from your strategy.

  • Take social media seriously
  • Know your role
  • Develop a well-rounded skill set
  • Define your target audience
  • Provide actual value to your followers
  • Choose your channel(s) wisely
  • Make it easy for people to find you on social media
  • Craft a detailed social media strategy
  • Establish SMART goals
  • Keep your content relevant
  • Find out what your competition does well
  • Stay on top of trends and platform updates
  • Make your life easier with the right tools
  • Keep at it!

4. Episode 108: Shifting From Busy to Productive: A Conversation with SEI’s Shauna Mace via The Advisor Lab

In this episode, they chat with SEI’s Head of Practice Management, Shauna Mace to get more into her experience of working with advisors on how they go from busy to productive. Also, tune in to learn more about SEI’s Growth Lab, which is a place where advisors can find resources and tools to help them build their practice.

5. Kitces & Carl Ep 91: Is It Better To Have Clear Goals Or ‘Just’ A Strong Sense Of Direction? via Kitces

Advisors are often known to set long-term goals and stay on the course to help their clients achieve their goals. Understanding the bigger picture and helping their clients to achieve those goals and stay on the path is generally beneficial. However, when long-term goals in a financial plan are too rigid, many clients may not stick with those goals or even with the financial advisor. So, is it better to have clear goals or a strong sense of direction? Michael Kitces and Carl Richards weigh in on this podcast.

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