Okay, where is the summer going? We are officially in the countdown until football season starts, and it’s hard to believe! We’ve got two “Trending This Tuesday” articles left in August, so let’s make them good ones! We’re covering your content marketing goals, tips for writing more approachable content, using case studies on your website and more. It’s a good one, so give it a read!

1. What Are Your Content Marketing Goals? via Three Crowns Marketing

Did you know that there are an estimated four million blogs published each day? With so many blogs out there, how can you get noticed and stand out from the crowd? That’s where content marketing comes into play, and it’s important to understand that it’s more than just creating a blog and clicking publish. There is an entire strategy that is involved when it comes to content marketing.

In this article from Three Crowns Marketing, they break down your content marketing goals and share exactly what content marketing is, the ingredients of a successful plan and more.

2. Why Approachable Content Strikes The Best Tone for Building Loyal, Happy Clients via Perfectly Planned Content

Of course, you want to create great content, however, it’s also about how you say it. Writing in an approachable and conversational tone is a great way to create content that connects and converts your audience. This article will answer the following:

  • What does it mean to be “approachable” in your business blog?
  • Will being “approachable” make your clients think less of you?
  • What do financial advisors need to consider when adopting an approachable angle?
  • How can a tone shift totally transform your audience engagement and organic traffic?

Dive right in and start creating content that connects with your prospects and clients.

3. What To Do if You Lack the Time or Confidence for Content Marketing With Meg Bartelt (Ep. 373) via ProudMouth

What is stopping you from sharing your marketing tips and thought leadership? Maybe you don’t have enough time or you might not be confident enough to start…whatever the reason may be, this podcast with Matt Halloran and Meg Bartlet CFP®, MS, founder and lead planner at Flow Financial Planning, LLC is for you!

Tune in to hear Meg discuss:

  • The benefits of writing blog posts (far beyond SEO)
  • How she comes up with topics, organizes her ideas, and structures her blogs
  • How picking a niche improves your RIA’s marketability and branding
  • Strategies she uses to improve her social media and website presence
  • And more

Like always…it’s a great episode so make sure you give it a listen!

4. The Juggle Generation and How They Will Influence Your Client Experience via Absolute Engagement

We spend so much time in this industry talking about how client expectations have changed. The client-advisor relationships haven’t changed, as they are still strong, but there are two things that we believe to be true, and those are:

  • To deliver good service, we need to understand how expectations have changed. You can do this by simply asking clients about their preferences and expectations.
  • But to drive deeper engagement, we need to understand how clients are feeling right now – not their preferences and expectations but their needs, concerns and aspirations.

And while many client preferences have changed, they have not all changed in the same way, so it’s not a “one size fits all,” and that’s important to remember when managing your clients. This article from Julie Littlechild shares how you can get the most out of your client relationships throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

5. How To Use Case Studies on Your Advisor Website: A Complete Guide via Twenty Over Ten

If you’re trying to add a little something extra to your website, case studies may be just the new creative piece you’re looking for! In this post from Twenty Over Ten, Justin Adams outlines what a case study is, along with some examples from other financial advisor websites. They finish up the article by sharing four tips for best-using case studies on your advisor website.

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