We are moving right along! It’s the last “Trending This Tuesday” of the month, and Labor Day is right around the corner. To close out August, we’re sharing five of our favorite marketing articles, including top questions to ask prospects, marketing tips to boost your strategy, ways to drive engagement and more.

1. 3 High-Value Questions To Ask Prospects via Advisorpedia

What would qualify as a high-value question? It is one that brings value to either the person asking the question or the person being asked and as an advisor, the more you know about a prospect or a client, the better you are able to help them. Here are three high-value questions to help you to better serve your clients.

  1. What are the top 3 items on your bucket list – 3 things you would regret not doing, being, or having?
  2. What are 3 things your current advisor doesn’t know about your goals, dreams & legacy?
  3. When you worry or grow concerned about your finances, what are 3 things that tend to come up?

Try asking these questions in your next meeting and see what kind of difference it makes!

2. 7 Neuromarketing Tips That Can Make Your Marketing Wickedly Effective via The Podcast Factory

Are your marketing tactics as effective as they could be? If they aren’t, then this podcast is for you! By using these tactics in your marketing, your prospects will be more likely to sign up for your services. Some of the highlights include:

  • The “Serial Position Effect” discovered by neuroscientists for making every marketing campaign more profitable
  • How to use your prospects’ natural cognitive biases to “ethically force” them to sign up for your financial services
  • The special “Layers” trick for instantly making your financial services more demanded and valuable
  • Why acting like a doctor boosts your clients’ success (and lines your pockets)
  • The missing “P ingredient” in your marketing that makes all your benefits and features fall on deaf ears
  • How to activate your prospects’ “Greed Glands” so they beg you to become your client
  • Why adding a picture of yourself at Disney World to your website effortlessly magnetizes your ideal clients
  • The “Textural Adjective” tactic for transforming your worst-performing marketing materials into your new control

Tune in now and give that marketing a boost!

3. The Map to Creating Your Own Content Calendar [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Does your social and content creation lack any real direction? If that’s the case, your strategy can be suffering. Mapping out a clear content calendar is a great way to make a difference and really boost your marketing. This infographic shares 14 key tips to getting the most out of your content and social.

  • Decide the type of content
  • Have a brainstorming session
  • Use research tools
  • Content ideation
  • Competitive research
  • Carry out a content audit
  • Choose your social media channels
  • Monitor trends
  • Identify the stages of production
  • Decide on a publishing schedule
  • Think about having a content library
  • Make last-minute changes and publish
  • Remember evergreen content
  • Don’t forget about guest content

Get insight into each point in this handy infographic.

4. 10 Marketing Objective Examples To Guide and Focus Your Strategy via iMPACT

To drive the type of growth that you are looking for, it’s important that your sales and marketing goals are aligned. In this article, Katie Coelho discusses marketing objective examples to better guide and focus your strategy as we move towards the end of the year and into 2023.

  1. Increase lead quality
  2. Shorten the sales cycle
  3. Reduce the percentage of lost deals/sales
  4. Increase the customer lifetime value
  5. Improve awareness and demand around new products/services
  6. Increase positive product reviews
  7. Launch product or service in a new market
  8. Increase profitability
  9. Increase brand authority
  10. Develop an engaged audience

5. An Evidence-Based Approach to Driving Engagement via Absolute Engagement

How can you boost client engagement? It’s a crucial part of running a successful business, so how can you ensure you and your clients are getting the most out of your services and driving engagement?

  1. Broaden the scope of the relationship
  2. Have a process to show that you understand and you are responding to client needs
  3. Transform your review process from a “need to do” to something more inspired
  4. Have a formal and consistent process to capture and use input from clients on what they need right now

In this article from Julie Littlechild, you will learn what is most important to your clients and how to get more engagement.

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