It’s the last marketing roundup of 2022! It’s hard to believe, but we have had such a great year and cannot wait for 2023! Let’s make it a good one with some great articles from this week. We’ve got tips for a successful content marketing strategy, how to use technology to connect with clients and more. 

1. 6 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 2023 and Beyond [Infographic] via Social Media Today

To create a successful content marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond, follow these six simple steps:

  • Research
  • Ideas
  • Placement
  • Creation
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

The handy infographic below breaks it down.


2. Advisor Video Academy: Recession-Proof your 2023 Marketing Plan via Perfectly Planned Content

2022 was quite the year and as we head into 2023, the way that you succeed in business and the way you measure your success is going to change. Zoe Meggert of Perfectly Planned Content breaks down:

➡️ Which KPIs you should watch in 2023

➡️ Which KPIs need to change

➡️ The best advice for planning your 2023 marketing strategy

Check it out in this handy video.

3. Using Technology To Connect With Clients and Businesses With Brian McLaughlin (Ep. 392) via Proudmouth

Technology is changing the game for the way that advisors do their marketing but many people still aren’t using it to its full potential. So, where do advisors use technology in their daily lives that could be applied to businesses and how can businesses benefit from this connection?

Matt Halloran caught up with Brian McLaughlin, President of Orian Advisor Tech and CEO of Redtail Technology to discuss:

  • How companies combine different work cultures after a merger
  • Why companies should share data collected and why businesses are hesitant to share information
  • Redtail’s philosophical shift from not sharing data to providing open-source API
  • How businesses can use technology to better connect with clients and other businesses and why they aren’t already
  • And more

Check it out in this great episode!

4. Tips for Streamlining Your Business Strategies via Advisorpedia

It can be difficult to streamline your business strategies so that you can be the most efficient, and if you’re looking to do this in the new year, try out the following things:

  • Set your goals
  • Monitor and track your data
  • Hire the right people
  • Meet with your team regularly
  • Develop a habit of reading
  • Don’t forget to pivot

Learn more about each tip so that you can really succeed in the coming year.

5. What is Quality Content? (Updated for 2023) via iMPACT

You’ve heard the saying quality over quantity a million times, and it reigns true. So, how can you create quality content in 2023? Ramona Sukhraj shares what type of content is valuable to buyers, how to create quality content and more.

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