Happy Tuesday, and happy December! ? It’s hard to believe that we’re almost a week into the month, but let’s keep it rolling. This roundup is a great start to the month with tips for attracting ideal clients to make the most of email marketing and more. Check it out below! 

1. 101 Ways Advisors Can Add Value And Attract Their Ideal Clients via Michael Kitces

Are you looking to attract new clients and grow your business in 2023? The answer is probably yes, and if that’s the case, this article from Adam Van Deusen is for you! The way advisors attract prospects and turn them into clients is changing, and these 101 ways are bound to help! Check the list out, and make this your best year yet!

2. How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Email Marketing via Entrepreneur

Email marketing still remains an incredible marketing tactic, especially with an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. To get the most out of email marketing in 2023, it’s important that you discover what you should be tracking, simplify your email marketing and more. This article dives in.

3. 3 Important Google Updates to Understand — Whiteboard Friday via Moz

The Google algorithm is constantly changing, which is why you need to update your SEO strategy to best fit these updates. In this video and blog, SEO expert, Lily Ray shares three important Google updates with tips for getting more out of your strategy as we head into the new year.

4. Social Media is Becoming Less ‘Social’ and More ‘Media’ via Social Media Today

Social media has become more about entertainment than staying in touch with your friends and family like it used to be. While it still is used for that, it’s much more about the videos and watching content that entertains. So, what does this mean for the social media industry and how can marketers make that shift? This article dives in.

5. How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost in 2023? via iMPACT

We all know that outbound marketing and cold-calling are out and inbound marketing is in. But how much does inbound marketing cost in 2023? This article breaks it down.

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