It’s the first “Trending This Tuesday” of December! It’s hard to believe we are closing out 2022, but it’s true! So, let’s make it a good one with five of our favorite reads on how to be more confident in your plans, 7 social media strategies that CMOs need to adopt in 2022, how to properly use Google Analytics and more.

1. The Connection Between Confidence and Success – Shauna Mace of SEI on the Becoming Referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

In order to achieve success, you not only need a great plan but you need commitment to it. And this can get uncomfortable, so how can you get past the fear of getting started so that you can achieve success and commit to your plan? In this podcast, hear from Shauna Mace as she discusses tips for helping advisors understand the impact of confidence on success and how to create a plan that they can really commit to. It’s a good one, so make sure you tune in!

2. Top 7 Social Media Strategies CMOs Must Adopt in 2022 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

As you have probably heard already, social media became even more important during the pandemic. And as we continue into 2022, social media will continue to play a big role in your marketing efforts. And this infographic will share seven strategies that should be adopted into your upcoming plan.


3. ‘The Big 5’ Best Business Blog Topics That Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales (+ Video) via iMPACT

In order to become a trusted resource in the industry, it’s important to create blogs that drive traffic to your website. So, what should you write about? Here are 5 of the best business blog topics that will show that you are a thought-leader in the industry.

  1. Cost and pricing
  2. Comparisons
  3. Problems (theirs and yours)
  4. Best of lists (best in class, best practices)
  5. Reviews

These topics seem quite simple, don’t they? Check out the blog and see how each one can take your blog section to the next level.


4. How to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic Using Google Analytics via Moz

Quality traffic is what accelerates business success, especially for post-publishing optimization, so how can you measure the quality of your traffic to ensure it’s helping your SEO.

Answer: Google Analytics

And if you’re going to get started, some of the top metrics to measure are:

  1. Engagement metrics
  2. Conversion metrics
  3. Relevance metrics

Check out the full article for all the insight.

5. 7 Tips For Using Images in Your Financial Advisor Blog via Twenty Over Ten

You know the importance of blogging, but did you know it’s important to include images in your blog posts, as well? When you use images in your posts, it creates more link-building opportunities, adds additional keywords and elevates the brand quality. So, before you get started, here are 7 tips for using images in your advisor blog.


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