It’s amazing what a difference just a few days can make, especially since we’re already at our last “Trending This Tuesday” article for February! We’re ending strong with tips to improve your SEO in 2022, from ways to get more overall engagement on your content to investing in the digital age and more. Enjoy!

1. What Financial Advisors Should Focus On To Improve SEO in 2022 via Twenty Over Ten

The rules of SEO are constantly changing, but not to worry, here are five things that advisors should focus on in 2022 in order to ensure their SEO rankings don’t suffer.


  • Master Google’s 2022 Core Web Vital scores
  • Spotlight your sight with featured snippets
  • E-A-T for SERP boosting
  • Remember writing dominates in 2022
  • Act on the algorithm

Ready to skyrocket your SEO rankings? Start implementing some of these tips and your website will thank you!


2. 5 Tips To Create Content That Gets More Overall Engagement via Advisorpedia

If you feel as though you put a lot of time and effort into creating content but you aren’t getting the type of engagement that you hoped for, then you aren’t alone. Check out this article from Samantha Russell, where she is sharing five tips to create content that gets more overall engagement, including:

  1. Creating content around active topics
  2. Taking controversial positions
  3. Featuring others quotes/examples and work
  4. Using the hook, line and sinker framework
  5. Making a list of valuable prospects

Learn more about each point in this full article!

3. Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome: Start Your Awesome Podcast! With Nicole Casperson (Ep. 347) via ProudMouth

Creating content for your advisor’s website is so important, as it’s a great way to connect with your audience and turn more prospects into clients. And beyond blogging and videos (which are great), we also recommend starting a podcast! So, tune into this awesome podcast where you will hear from Matt Halloran and Nicole Casperson, where she will be discussing:

  • Her interview strategy that helps women share their stories with more confidence
  • How she organically grew her new podcast and a newsletter that gained 4,000 subscribers in only two months
  • The secrets behind her content strategy as a reporter-turned-creator
  • How to get your dream guests on your podcast
  • And more

4. Investing In The Digital Age via Advisor Magazine

If the pandemic showed us anything, it’s that things change quickly. We also changed how we connect with each other and in a world that was already moving digital quickly, the fast-forward button was hit. So, how are people investing in the digital age? This article weighs in.

5. Taking referrals from transactional to relational via The Client Driven Practice

Referral strategies are historically transactional, in the sense that you ask for introductions by encouraging clients to bring a friend to an appreciation event. While you may get some introductions, and the model generates business, there is a downside, and that is that eventually, these referrals will dry up. If you adopt the relational approach, it will create a most consistent and profitable model in the long run. Try to discover important or unmet needs and articulate how you can help, and this will help your referrals in the long run.

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