Happy Tuesday! For today’s “Trending This Tuesday” blog we are sharing newsletter best practices for advisors, how to align your tech stack with your organization, planning with purpose a whole lot more. Let’s dive right in!

1. Newsletter Best Practices for Financial Advisors via Advisorpedia

People get A LOT of emails in their inboxes, so how can you ensure that yours stand out and get opened in 2022? Chief Evangelist, Samantha Russell shares five newsletter best practices to implement this year.

  1. Set a goal and schedule
  2. Always test
  3. Personalize design and message
  4. Keep it short
  5. Provide clear and immediate value

Find out more about each point in this article.

2. How to align your tech stack with your organization via Search Engine Land

It’s so important that you are aligning your tech stack with your organization as this will not only make your life easier but boost the ROI of your business. In fact, software adoption matters to businesses and it often has a measurable effect on the bottom line of your company. So, how can you ensure that your tech stack aligns with your organization?

  1. Phase I: Budget approval and planning

  2. Phase II: Identifying stakeholders and roles

  3. Phase III: Ownership, adoption and enablement

Learn how to implement the three phases in this article.

3. How To Bolster SEO Through Earned Media via Flackable

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, as Google is focused more on creating quality content and earning links on reputable websites.  So, as we head into 2022, how can you boost your SEO through pitches and earned media? Here are three simple tactics.

  1. Include links in your pitch
  2. Ask when appropriate
  3. Include links in contributed content

To learn more, check out the entire article from Flackable.

4. Financial Planning With Purpose via Advisor Magazine

In this day and age, clients expect tailored, responsive and comprehensive advice from their financial advisor. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a change in peoples’ purpose as they have re-evaluated certain things about their life. How can we better understand the ever-changing financial planning landscape? This article offers the following:

  1. The motivation behind financial advice and choosing an advisor
  2. The influence of others on the advisor role
  3. Evolving the client-advisor relationship with financial wellness
  4. Financial wellness is a positive state of being
  5. Planning technology so that you can connect more authentically

Find out how each point can help you to plan with purpose in 2022.


5. 4 Trends that Will Reshape the Small Business Landscape in 2022 and Beyond via Entrepreneur

As you know, the pandemic has drastically changed the ways small companies do business, so what trends should we expect to see in 2022? Here are four things to expect:

  1. You will see the evolution of entrepreneurship
  2. The art and science of creativity will shine through
  3. Messaging paves the way for the next era of communication
  4. Bridge the physical/digital divide

To learn more about what you can expect, be sure to check out the full article.


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