Happy Tuesday! Let’s dive right in with tips for creating a successful content marketing strategy, the steps you need to take to create high-quality videos, ways to build trust with prospects and more! 

1. 5 Questions Advisors Need to Ask and Answer for Successful Content Marketing Execution via Three Crowns Marketing

When it comes to content marketing and proper execution, how can you ensure your team has the tools, time and available resources to get the work done? This requires proper planning, as you create a strategy, outline your goals and develop a persona. And in order to execute your content marketing, it’s important that you are asking these five questions.

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Who will create your content?
  3. What resources will your content creator need?
  4. What kind of content does your audience need?
  5. What can you actually accomplish?

Once you have asked these questions, figure out how to answer them and create a stronger strategy in 2023.

2. Generosity, Humility & Intimacy: The Advisor’s Essential Guide to LinkedIn Relationship-Building With Niki Clark (Ep. 396) via ProudMouth

Social media is just that…it’s about being social! So, how can you create meaningful relationships on LinkedIn? Niki Clark chatted with Matt Halloran to share exactly how to do this. She discussed:

  • The benefits of sharing everything you know (for free!)
  • Secrets to creating posts that keep your audience coming back for more
  • Tough but necessary questions to ask yourself before hitting publish
  • Ways to use white space and pops of color to make your posts impossible to ignore
  • Reasons to stop avoiding other advisors on LinkedIn — because they’re your “competition” — and start interacting with them as much as you can
  • And more!

This is a truly insightful episode as they discuss what it takes to show your human side as you navigate the world of LinkedIn.

3. Six Steps to Creating High-Quality Video on Your Phone via VettaFi/Advisor Perspectives

If you follow our webinars, social posts and blogs, you’ll know that Samantha Russell is a video marketing wizard! And what’s even better is that she creates these awesome videos on her phone!

Looking for advice?

She shared 6 simple tips in this useful article.

  1. Use the rear camera, not the selfie one
  2. Turn on the grid
  3. Take advantage of natural light
  4. Adjust your phone settings for better video quality
  5. Do not text or email videos from phone to computer
  6. There are a few final touches to remember, such as using subtitles, including your logo and more

Learn more about each in this article!

4. 6 Ways to Build Trust With Website Visitors and Social Media Followers [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you’re looking for ways to gain trust and connect with prospects and clients, then these six ways can help. When are creating social posts, make sure you:

  • Are transparent
  • Display reviews
  • Share core values
  • Treat your employees well
  • Own mistakes
  • Request feedback

This infographic breaks it down.


5. What’s the Difference Between Google Analytics and Google Search Console? via Twenty Over Ten

A strong SEO strategy is incredibly important, especially in 2023. And one way to boost your online presence is by utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and this blog breaks down the difference between the two and how you can use them to benefit your business.

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