It’s the last “Trending This Tuesday” of January, so let’s make it a good one! From tips to boost your organic clickthrough rate to a guide for catering to your niche, be sure to check out today’s read and give your marketing a boost.

1. How to Improve Organic Clickthrough for Your Content via Moz

We all want to boost clickthrough rate in 2022, right? And searches are very diverse, so there are quite a few ways that you can edit your search snippets and get more eyes on your content. So, what exactly is a search snippet?

  • The clickable title or headline of the snippet
  • The description of that page
  • The URL path

How can you edit each? Learn more in the article!

2. 3 Things Your Financial Planning Tech Stack Should Do via Covisum

A comprehensive tech stack can help financial planning practices to boost their revenue, increase their bottom line, bring in more clients and develop more effective planning strategies. So, what exactly should your tech stack do for you?

Here are three things:

  1. Make sure your tools are deeply integrated
  2. Guide clients through retirement income planning
  3. Highlight the value of your practice

Get insight into each in this article from Covisum so that you can get a tech stack that works for your firm in 2022.

3. Five Ways to Respond When Someone Ignores Your Emails via Advisor Perspectives

A 2020 study concluded that 65% of emails are ignored, so how can you ensure yours are not ignored in 2022? Here are some reasons that people ignore your emails so that you can work to make sure they don’t.

  1. They don’t see your email as important
  2. They don’t know how to respond
  3. Your emails keep doing the same thing

So, how can you get more eyes on your emails? This article from Sara Grillo offers insight.

4. 343. The Ultimate Niche Marketing Guide: Never Hesitate To Pick a Niche Again With Russ Thornton via ProudMouth

Catering to a specific niche is a great way to fine-tune your marketing and get more for your marketing dollar. Tune into this episode where Matt Halloran speaks to Russ Thornton of Wealthcare Capital Management and as they cover:

  • How he honed in on a specific niche
  • Tips to build a digital presence that immediately resonates with your niche
  • How he amplifies his voice through podcasting — committing only two hours per month
  • Why picking a niche is beneficial for your overall marketing strategy
  • The switch to a niche: What does the process look like?

Tune in to get all this information and more!

5. Top 10 Conferences for Financial Advisors in 2022 via Three Crowns Marketing

What makes a great event? There are many different factors that come into play, such as a great opportunity to network, you get to learn valuable information and much more. Conferences have gone virtual over the last two years, but there has been an opportunity to attend some conferences in person. And here are the top ten conferences that advisors should attend in 2022.


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