Happy Tuesday! We hope that everyone had a great weekend and started their week off on a high note. We wanted to help move it along with a roundup of five of our favorite articles from the week, with tips on how to make strong videos to how to create stronger content and much more.

1. Top 10 Ways To Make Your Videos Crazy Good via Idea Decanter

We understand that making a video can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Tune into this podcast for ten tips to make your videos awesome, including:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Use the You
  3. Sniper content
  4. Have a clear call to action
  5. Keep it short
  6. Take time to light
  7. Get a good mic
  8. Add captions
  9. Don’t get lost in the editing rabbit hole
  10. Have a plan to promote and stick to it

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2. 10 Tips for Creating More Effective Content for Your Business Niche [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you’re struggling to gain any traction with your content efforts, both in search and on social, then this infographic is for you. It’s all about tailoring your content and what you are putting out to your audience so that they want to engage and ways to broaden your reach. Learn all about it in the full infographic from SEMRush.

3. Marketing Strategies Advisors Think Work Well Vs. What Actually Works via The Podcast Factory

As a busy financial advisor, developing a strong marketing strategy just seems like one more thing that you have to put on your plate. And the truth of the matter is that many advisors just don’t have the time to develop a strong strategy, but what if you could? In this podcast, learn what you should be spending your money on and what you shouldn’t.

4. Using LinkedIn To Acquire New Clients via Advisorpedia

Starting and running a successful advisory business can be difficult, especially with all the aspects that go along with it. So, you’re probably thinking a social media strategy is just one more thing that you need to do. But, what if you could get clients from your social platforms? You can! This article from LinkedIn shares how to do this.

5. 5 Tips for Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It via Entrepreneur

Content creation is a huge part of your inbound marketing strategy, but sometimes it feels like “just one more thing.” So, how can you continue to consistently create strong content even when you don’t feel like it? Here are five tips that can help:

  1. Try freewriting
  2. Change your environment
  3. Try using the Pomodoro technique
  4. Debunk your excuses
  5. Use a daily ritual

Get more insight into each piece in the full article.

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