Wow, that was quick! July flew by, and it’s hard to believe we’re at the last “Trending This Tuesday” blog of the month. From tips on how to write an awesome “About” page to the rising popularity of video in your content marketing and more, close out July with this awesome read.

1. 7 Mistakes Holding Your “About Page” Back (And What To Do Instead) via Perfectly Planned Content

Your “About” page is one of the most important pages but also one of the more challenging ones to write. It can be challenging to talk about yourself in a genuine and authentic way, even though it’s so important to help people get to know you, especially since your website is often times your first impression with new clients and prospects. In order to create an awesome “About” page, avoid these seven mistakes:

  1. You probably think the “About” page is about you
  2. Your value proposition isn’t front and center
  3. You forgot your personality at home
  4. You didn’t tell a story
  5. There’s no media for your audience to engage with
  6. You’re getting into boasting territory
  7. You go on and on and on

Find more about each part and learn what NOT to do so that you can create an A+ “About” page.

2. New Research Looks at the Rising Online Video Trend [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Video is the most engaging type of online content, and it changes the way to communicate and interact with each other. And even though you don’t have to have a video strategy, it’s an incredible addition to your content and marketing strategy. This infographic provides an overview of general consumption and trends.

3. You Found Your Niche…Now, How Do You Attract Them? With Lacey Langford (Ep. 369) via ProudMouth

Have you found the niche that you want to serve? If so, well done, that can be half the battle! Now’s the fun but challenging part…how do you attract this particular audience? Tune in to this podcast, as Matt Halloran speaks with Lacey Langford, AFC®, the founder of The Military Money Expert® and the host of the Military Money Show to learn more about how Lacey taps into her very unique niche, the military community.

She discusses:

  • What it means to have “zinging moments” with clients
  • Why she calls podcasting her biggest marketing arm
  • How few listeners can also have a major impact on your business
  • How to build a community that attracts COIs, fellow experts, and prospects-and more!

Like always, it’s an incredible episode, so be sure to tune in!

4. Episode 104: Focusing Your Marketing Strategy to Gain More Traction via The Advisor Lab

Tune into this episode to hear from a session with Marie Swift of Impact Communications on her podcast, Swift Chat. They discuss what Advisors can be doing to market towards their niche, including how to think about your audience and persona, what kind of content you should be creating, and what you should be measuring. It’s a great episode, so be sure to give it a listen!

5. How content consolidation can improve your SEO performance via Search Engine Land

SEO is constantly changing, and the way that your website keeps up therefore is also changing. Have you tried content consolidation? This is the process of merging different pieces of content, such as blog posts, articles or landing pages built for SEO, into a single, cohesive article. To learn more about it and how it can boost your website, give this article a read.

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