For the last “Trending This Tuesday” of June, we have some awesome marketing articles for you! With tips on how to tell great stories to showing your value as an advisor to prospects and much more, this is a “must-read” roundup.

1. Can You Still Tell A Fantastic Story With A Technical Topic? via Perfectly Planned Content

You can find story-telling in some pretty unlikely places, and it’s beneficial in almost all aspects of marketing. However, in places where there is generally less creativity, it’s even more important. So, if you’re looking to tell a story about a technical topic, here are some tips.

  1. Focus on the big picture
  2. Prioritize simplicity
  3. Share something personal
  4. Write a compelling case study
  5. Give your readers a clear “why”

Learn more about each tip in the full article.

2. The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Google Optimize via Three Crowns Marketing

First things first, what is Google Optimize? It is an online tool you can use to run tests on your firm’s website and landing pages with the goal of creating a hyper-personalized and optimized experience for your website visitors. So, how can advisors use this tool in their favor? Learn more in this article from Justine Young and start offering a more personalized experience for your visitors.

3. Kitces & Carl Ep 88: Showing Your Value To Prospects When Everything Is Already Going Well via Kitces

When advisors are looking to get new clients, if their prospects don’t have any particular issues or problems at the moment, it can be harder to sell your services. In this episode, Michael Kitces and Carl Richards share how advisors can prospect when everything is going well for them. It’s a great episode, so be sure to check it out!

4. A 15 Step Plan For Creating Constant Referrals via Tony Vidler

Having “Centers of Influence” deliver qualified and interested prospects to your firm is a great way to create a consistent stream of referrals. This is quite a simple idea, however, there are a lot of steps to make this happen. A COI is someone who advocates for your business, but how can you create this streamlined process? Tony Vidler is sharing 15 steps to making this happen.

5. Video Marketing: 13 Tips for Creating More Professional Video Content via iMPACT

Getting started with video can be intimidating, however, it’s an incredible tool to use in your overall marketing strategy. So, whether you are looking to get started or you want to tweak your strategy, here are 13 tips:

  1. Outline your talking points
  2. Schedule ample time for your shoot
  3. Storyboard your video content
  4. Know your video hosting platform (and target audience)
  5. Use a tripod for steady video footage
  6. Make sure your subject is well-lit
  7. Utilize depth of field
  8. Invest in separate audio equipment
  9. Reduce background noise
  10. Get comfortable on camera
  11. Correct your colors
  12. Add graphics
  13. Edit your audio

Learn more about each tip in the full article.

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