Spring ? is finally here, and we’re excited to kick it off with a “Trending This Tuesday!” From tips for optimizing your content for SEO to the types of social media content you can use to grow your brand and more, let’s spring into spring with this great roundup! 

1. Tips for Optimizing Your Content for SEO [Infographic] via Social Media Today

When creating content, are you keeping SEO in mind? It is a critical part of your firm’s searchability and for getting in front of your audience. So, when you are creating content, in addition to writing something that teaches and entertains, it’s important to keep SEO in mind, as well. And this infographic breaks it down.

2. 9 popular types of social media content to grow your brand via SproutSocial

Content creation is at the heart of every social strategy…it’s how brands connect and make a strong impression on their audience. So, what type of content creates the most engagement? This article is sharing nine popular types of social to grow your brand.

  1. Short-form video
  2. Images
  3. Live video
  4. GIFs and memes
  5. Text-based posts
  6. User-generated content
  7. Long-form video
  8. Audio
  9. URLs/Links out to other content

Learn more about each type in the full article.

3. 6 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Financial Advisor Website via Three Crowns Marketing

Your website serves as your “digital office,” so how can you ensure that you are making a strong first impression? Here are six easy ways to optimize your advisor website and create a stronger online presence.

  1. Add video elements
  2. Create great calls-to-action
  3. Speed up your page loading time
  4. Pay attention to your on-page SEO
  5. Publish relevant content
  6. Consider your mobile UX

Learn more about each point in the full article from Three Crowns Marketing.

4. How Financial Advisors Can Get Clients With YouTube via Advisorpedia

As a financial advisor, YouTube is one of the most effective ways to market your business. So, how can you use this tool to grow your business? In this episode, Dave Zoller shares:

  • How to grow your account from 0 to thousands of subscribers
  • How to get people to sign up for your services after watching your videos
  • Why YouTube is the single best marketing channel for financial advisors

It’s a great listen, so be sure to tune in.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Niche: How To Build Your Practice by Narrowing Down With Darren Wurz (Ep. 406) via ProudMouth 

As an advisor, it’s important to narrow down who you want to serve…but the process of doing that can be intimidating. In this awesome podcast, Matt Halloran chats with Darren Wurz, co-owner of Wurz Financial Services and host of “The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast” as they discuss:

  • His exact marketing moves to start attracting lawyers
  • How he encouraged the American Bar Association to publish his book, even after they turned down the first proposal
  • His trick to overcoming the hardest part of podcasting: “getting it done!”
  • How niche marketing is creating growth within his business
  • And more

It’s a great listen and he really touches why niching down is a great idea!

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