The month of March has almost come to a close, which is hard to believe, and we wanted to send it out with a “Trending This Tuesday” article. There is a lot packed into this one roundup, including prospecting ideas to grow your business, how to stay top of mind, prepping your SEO strategy and a lot more.

1. 5 Financial Advisor Prospecting Ideas to Grow Your Business via Advisorpedia

Prospecting can make or break a firm, as clients are crucial to running a business. So, how can you give your prospecting a boost this year? This blog is sharing the five ways, including:

  1. Optimizing your advisor website
  2. Educating with email marketing
  3. Linking up with LinkedIn
  4. Socializing with social media
  5. Cooperating with the community

Learn more about each point in the full article!

2. How Top Brands (and Advisors) Stay Top of Mind via Advisor Perspectives

How can advisors stay top of mind? There are a few things that come to mind for why people can remember well0=-known brands and these are:

  1. Familiarity
  2. Recency
  3. Ongoing exposure

So, in this article from Advisor Perspectives, they dive into each point so that your firm can stay relevant in 2022 and beyond.

3. How to Prep Your SEO Strategy for a New Website via Moz

Building a new website is an exciting time but also one that requires a lot of work. So, when creating a new site, it’s important that you are thinking of your SEO strategy and how to prepare it when you build a new website. But, why is this so important? This blog covers that plus the 10 essentials steps that you must take to build an SEO strategy that really works.

4. The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Keyword Research via Three Crowns Marketing

Keyword research is an essential part of every marketer’s arsenal, as it’s crucial that your keywords allow your website to be crawled and indexed. In this blog, Justine Young of Three Crowns Marketing dives into:

  • What keyword research is
  • Why it is important for financial advisors
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • Low-cost keyword optimization tools and more!

Give it a read and learn more.

5. A Quick Guide to Online Local Marketing for Your Business [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you are looking for ways to expand your online presence and want to improve your online marketing, then look no further than this quick online local marketing guide for small businesses. It covers how to:

  • Localize your website
  • Create consistent listings
  • Stay local on social
  • Bring your online marketing to your store

Check it out in the full article!

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