We hope that everyone had a great weekend and their week has been off to a great start. Let’s keep it going with a “Trending This Tuesday” article full of awesome reads including content marketing statistics you should be paying attention to in 2022, how to optimize videos to grow more traffic, how to write stronger subject lines and much more.

1. 10 Content Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know In 2022 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Using content marketing in your strategy is so important, and this infographic has some stats to back up why should implement it. It’s broken down into the following:

  • Content marketing effectiveness
  • Measuring content marketing
  • Most achieved content marketing goal
  • Active investment in content marketing
  • Content marketing budget
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Expect brands to provide content
  • User-generated content is important
  • Content marketing strategy: paid distribution channels
  • Outsourcing content marketing

Check out the full infographic below to learn all about these important statistics and why you should implement content marketing.

2. Video SEO: How To Optimize Videos To Drive Traffic to Your Website via iMPACT

We’ve said it before, but video is an incredible tool to use in your marketing. You’re seeing it more and more, so if you decided to implement this tactic into your strategy, this handy guide breaks down how you can optimize your video to drive more traffic to your website. It’s going to help you understand the following:

  • What video SEO is and why you should care
  • How video SEO helps search engines understand your content
  • Video SEO best practices
  • The most important thing to remember about video SEO

Get all the insight in the full article!

3. 7 Ways Financial Advisors Can Capture More Attention With Email Subject Lines via Advisorpedia

People get A LOT of emails, so if you aren’t creating a strong headline that captures the attention of your reader, it’s probably going to get deleted. How do you ensure that this doesn’t happen? In this article, Samantha Russell is sharing seven ways that advisors can get the attention of their audience with strong subject lines.

  1. Ask the reader a question
  2. Use numbers
  3. Use emojis
  4. Evoke curiosity
  5. Personalize your subject line
  6. Make it exclusive
  7. Test before you send

It’s going to be more and more important to stand out, and a great way to do this is by following these useful email marketing tips!

4. Episode 97: Finding Your Groove by Going Ultra-Niche via The Advisor Lab

In this episode, hear from Justin Green, Founder at Assist FP, which is a niche financial planning firm focused on online fitness coaching. We have discussed the importance of niching down and how it can really help your marketing, so hear from Justin on how he went ultra-niche to find his groove.

5. Financial Advisor Videos Part I: via Red Zone Marketing

Using video in your marketing is incredibly important and it’s a great way to connect with your audience. The amount of time that people spend watching videos and in front of a screen has grown exponentially, so how can you implement this great tool into your marketing?

Answer: Video

In this blog, learn how you can implement this tool into your marketing.

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