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? 16 Ways to Build a Better Social Media Presence via SproutSocial

If you aren’t showing up in your customers’ social feeds, then you are not going to be top of mind. And to create a social media marketing plan that works, you need to be strategic.

?Key Insight

In order to be more strategic, you need to create attainable goals while identifying your audience plus the type of content that you want to share with them. And remember that it requires planning and consistency…you aren’t going to see these changes overnight, so figure out what works, check your analytics, make necessary adjustments and engage.

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? Hosting a Podcast Without Guests? Here are 3 Tips to Get You Started via Three Crowns Marketing

As a financial advisor, you need to create content that really connects with your audience, and starting a podcast is a great way to do this. And many podcasts have guests on the show, maybe they are industry experts or great conversationalists…whatever it may be, there is generally a value add! 

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But what about podcasts that don’t have guests? How can you make those work? We love these three tips from Three Crowns Marketing that can really help. The first starts with establishing your brand! It’s so important to figure out your tone and who your target listeners are. If you can offer up valuable content, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a guest, as it can be a great way to share something valuable with your audience.

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? How to Create an SEO Strategy [Plus Free Tools & Templates] via Moz

When it comes to creating a strong SEO strategy, it’s all about figuring out what it takes to boost your website’s visibility in search engines. And SEO is constantly evolving, so it can be difficult to nail this down, but with the right strategy, it’s very doable and incredibly helpful to your website’s success. 

?Key Insight

Like any good strategy, it’s important to understand what you need to do to succeed and set attainable goals while figuring out your plan of action. There are technical tactics to implement and it requires consistency while keeping up with the changes. This blog shares ten things that need to be done in order to succeed, including creating goals that align with your team, measuring your results and more.

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? 4 Proven Ways To Increase Your Influence & Win New Clients With Bill Cates (Ep. 412) via ProudMouth

As an advisor, you want to attract more of the right prospects and clients, right? And when you cater to a specific niche you are better able to do this.

?Key Insight

When you niche down, not only do you get more out of your marketing dollar but you attract more clients while becoming a better advisor for them. 

Give it a listen here.

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