It’s the last day of May, and let’s close it out with a “Trending This Tuesday!” From using landing pages and blogs to generate more leads to making your homepage stand out and more, be sure to check out this awesome roundup.

1. How to Use Landing Pages and Blogging to Generate Leads for Your Advisor Website via Twenty Over Ten

Individually, landing pages and blogs are some of the best ways to gain traction and bring in new clients and prospects. But what if you used them hand in hand? When done well, this is an incredible way to generate more leads for your advisory website. This blog breaks down how to leverage these two tactics.

2. SEO for Financial Advisors: How to Conduct a Competitor Analysis via Three Crowns Marketing

What are your competitors doing out there? By conducting an analysis, you can keep up with current trends and find new ways to innovate your marketing strategy, which can get you ahead of the game. In this blog, Johnny Sandquist breaks down the following:

  1. What SEO competitor analysis is
  2. How to conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis
  3. Tools to expand your research

Learn more about each tip in the full article.

3. Writing Wednesday: 7 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Page Stand Out via Perfectly Planned Content

Usually, the first place that people land when they find your website is your homepage, so how can you ensure that it stands out and makes visitors want to stay and find out more? Lauren Keller, Director of Content and Strategy, shares seven elements you need to make your homepage stand out:

  1. Who you serve
  2. Primary and second CTAs
  3. Quick service overview
  4. Free content offer
  5. Trust and success indictors
  6. Simple navigation
  7. On-brand design

Learn more about how you can integrate each element so that you can have the best homepage out there.

4. How to Schedule Your Social Media Content Curation for Massive Growth [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Coming up with content to share consistently on social media can be difficult, so how can you create enough good content to keep your audience interested? This handy infographic shares the type of content you should post for massive growth. Check it out in the full article!

5. 37 Eye-opening SEO Statistics To Nail Your 2022 Search Strategy via iMPACT

If you want to nail your SEO strategy, then these 37 statistics are truly eye-opening! In this article, they’re breaking down:

  • How to understand the current state of search engine optimization
  • How to evaluate the best opportunities for your business and gaps in your strategy
  • How to get started with new SEO tactics

Get all the statistics below!

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