How is Thanksgiving next week?! The holiday season always seems to fly by, so it’s important to stay focused and close the year out strong! And today’s “Trending This Tuesday” article is here to offer five of our favorite marketing articles from this week on everything from the biggest challenges that advisors face today to the reasons why your marketing isn’t connecting with prospects and a whole lot more.

1. The Biggest Challenge for Advisors Today: Differentiation via RedZone Marketing

When it comes to marketing as a financial advisor, there can be several hurdles, especially since they already wear so many different hats. So, what is the biggest challenge in 2021 thus far?

Answer: Differentiation

So, how do you stand out in a crowded industry and get more prospects to pay attention?

  1. Personalize everything
  2. Don’t over-streamline
  3. Create an unforgetting client experience from the start

For insight into each point, make sure you give the full article a read.

2. Four Reasons Why Your Marketing Isn’t Connecting With Prospects via Advisor Perspectives

If you feel like you are having a hard time getting more clients from anything but referrals, it’s because prospects are having a hard time differentiating you from other advisors. So, when it comes to prospects, there are four realities that will impact their decision-making process, and they are:

  1. Advisors make the same claims
  2. Prospects aren’t qualified to evaluate advisors
  3. There are too many similar choices
  4. When prospects can’t evaluate qualifications, they will use other factors

So, to find out why your marketing isn’t, take a dive into each point.

3. Your financial plan is probably too long via The Client Driven Practice

When it comes to writing a financial plan, a concise one is probably your best bet. Even though it can vary for each advisor or client, hear in this article from The Client Driven Practice how his comprehensive yet concise plan was the best bet. Find out more in the full article so that you can start writing stronger financial plans.

4. Facebook Shares Messaging Tips for Businesses Ahead of the Holidays [Infographic] via Social Media Today

The holiday rush is about to be underway, so how are you going to tailor your message to get the most out of the season? In this article, Facebook shares a handy infographic that will help you to create a message for your business and connect with more people.

5. What Are Local Service Ads for Financial Advisors? via Twenty Over Ten

Local Service Ads are one of Google’s newest advertising options. They are only available to certain businesses, and these ads offer financial advisors a different way to advertise their firm when compared to more traditional Google ads. So, to find out what they are, how these ads work, what makes them different plus pros and cons, then make sure you give this article a read.


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