Happy November! It’s hard to believe that there are only two months left in 2021. It’s sure to fly by, but we are excited about the close of the year and 2022. To kick things off, check out our recent Trending This Tuesday article, where we’re sharing why advisors should outsource, how to get more views on your videos, increasing your value as a financial advisor and more.

1. How (And What) Financial Advisors Should Outsource via The Podcast Factory

Many financial advisors make the mistake of not outsourcing when they should.  And while advisors may be nervous to outsource, it can free up time and ultimately help you in the end. If you are looking to outsource your work, then give this podcast a listen.

2. Why Nobody Watches Your Videos via Advisor Perspectives

There’s evidence that using video on your website can:

  • Increase traffic
  • Boosts conversion rates
  • Improve SEO
  • Encourage social media sharing
  • Build trust with viewers

But, how come you aren’t getting views on your videos? Here are some things you should keep in mind in order to get more people to watch your content:

  1. Avoid poor production quality
  2. Stay away from boring content
  3. Don’t be the star of your video
  4. Make an emotional connection

Find out more in the full article from Advisor Perspectives.

3. #FA Success Ep 252: Navigating The (Non-Linear) Growth Path To $100M Of AUM In Under 5 Years, With Kyle Moore via Michael Kitces

Founder of Quarry Hill Advisors, Kyle Moore, CFP® has been able to generate strong growth for his advisory firm in under five years. He caught up with Michael Kitces to discuss the steps he took to grow his firm to $10) million of AUM in this amount of time. In this episode, they dicuss his three main channels for growth, which includes:

  • Local search on Google
  • His personal network
  • Digital marketing through blogging

Get all the insight in this podcast.


4. Writing Wednesday: Why Reading (A Lot) Makes You A Better Writer via Perfectly Planned Content

Writing is such a crucial part of your inbound marketing strategy. It shows that you are a thought leader in the industry by sharing expertise and driving more traffic to your website, therefore increasing your SEO and online presence. But did you know that reading makes you an even better writer? Here are five ways that it can make you a stronger writer:

  1. You learn something new
  2. You expose yourself to different writing styles, techniques and devices
  3. You train your critical thinking muscles
  4. You expand your vocabulary
  5. Reading helps you to set the scene for inspiration

Whatever it may be, reading is an incredible way to sharpen your writing skills, so try to set aside some time to do this.


5. How To Create, Increase, and Communicate Your Value As A Financial Planner via Streamline My Practice

As a financial planner, you want to create and then communicate your value to your prospects and clients. When you do this, it all starts with value. A prospect starts to work with you because they believe that the value they will receive from working with you is higher than the price that they will pay. The video below offers insight into how you can do this as a financial planner.

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