It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and we have a couple more days before the holiday season truly begins! Let’s keep it going strong with our latest “Trending This Tuesday” blog where we’re sharing everything on the marketing trends we expect to see in 2022 to the different types of website traffic you get and more.

1. Marketing Trends in 2022, According to FMG’s Samantha Russell via SEI

Have you thought about your 2022 growth strategy? A couple of weeks ago, Chief Evangelist Samantha Russell and Head of Practice Management, Managing Director of SEI, Shauna Mace, did a webinar sharing tips to create a solid growth strategy for 2022. And they uncovered what to expect for the coming year plus the top five marketing tactics to achieve more growth.

  • Tactic 1: Have a spokesperson
  • Tactic 2: Capitalize on “The Great Wealth Transfer”
  • Tactic 3: Consider alternative communications channels such as YouTube and Instagram
  • Tactic 4: Be a “one-stop-shop”
  • Tactic 5: Incorporate social proof

To learn more about each tip, be sure to check out the rest of the article.

2. 5 Types Of Website Traffic (And How To Profit From Each) via The Podcast Factory

If you have a strong website with a sales funnel and awesome content but you still aren’t getting the type of prospects that you want, the wrong people might be coming to your website. There are different types of website visitors, each looking for something different. So, if you can give every visitor exactly what they’re looking for, then your website becomes a client magnet. So, if you want to get more clients from your website, be sure to give this podcast a listen.

3. Unbundling Planning To Get More Client Engagement via Tony Vidler

When you unbundle your planning, you can create higher numbers of prospects and clients since you are showing the value in each part. So, when you do this, there are several positive outcomes, such as:

  1. Clients will see the relevance in particular parts of planning that might otherwise be lost
  2. Pricing for smaller plan components is much lower on the surface
  3. It’s easier to define and articulate the value in each of the unbundled parts of the plan
  4. It’s easier to generate recommendations when a smaller and more specific aspect is being addressed
  5. There is usually less resistance to the cost once it was all been broken down since each aspect is understood.

Find more insight, be sure to check out the blog from Tony Vidler.

4. What Should You Post on Social Media? 70 Killer Content Ideas for 2022 [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Are you trying to figure out what you need to post on social media? It can be hard to keep up with an engaging content strategy day after day, but the infographic from Social Media Today offers 70 awesome content ideas you can use in 2022.

5. 5 Marketing and Sales Trends That Make or Break Lead Generation via ProudMouth

Consumer behavior is continuously evolving, so are you still using the right marketing strategies? In this past podcast episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe discuss the five marketing and sales trends that are impacting the success of your lead generation. They will be discussing:

  • The changing consumer behavior
  • Underrated multi-channel marketing strategies
  • How to create expertise that people value even before they become a prospect
  • The importance of creating content with persistence-and much more!

Be sure to give this podcast a listen as we head into the coming year.


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