We’re only five days away from Halloween ?, but we assure you, there are no tricks here…only treats! Give your marketing a boost with five of our favorite articles from the week, which includes writing strong meta tags, predictions for social media in the coming year, marketing tips for advisors and a whole lot more.

1. Your Search Engine Name Tag—What Are Meta Tags and How To Write Good Ones via Perfectly Planned Content

Meta descriptions are so important when it comes to creating strong content that ranks. So, how do you create ones that help your business? This blog from Perfectly Planned Content breaks it meta tags into four categories:

  • What meta tags are,
  • Why they’re essential,
  • The most common types, and
  • How to write them well.

Get insight into each point so that you can start to boost your online presence and rank higher online.

2. 26 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022 via Social Media Today

What can we expect to see from social media in the coming year? 2021 still was disrupted by Covid, so things have certainly changed. This article from Social Media Today breaks down the following platforms with what you can expect to see from each.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Snapchat
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn

Find out more about what to expect from each platform.


3. 20 Things I Wish Financial Advisors Knew About Marketing via The Podcast Factory

Most financial advisors make marketing harder than it needs to be, but if you simplify marketing, getting clients becomes easy. It’s crucial that you understand the principles of marketing to attract more clients, and this podcast shares 20 principles of marketing plus how you can apply them to get more clients and grow your firm.

4. What Types Of Social Media Content Or Posts Actually Get Engagement? And More From This Live Q&A via Twenty Over Ten

Chief Evangelist of FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten, Samantha Russell hosted a Live Office Hours: Digital Marketing Q&A last week, where attendees had the chance to ask some really great questions about marketing. She had great answers and you can get all the answers in the video below.



5. How Marketers Are Reshaping Culture And Collaboration For A Post-Pandemic Era via MarketingWeek

For 75% of marketers, the pandemic has permanently shifted how they communicate and collaborate with each other at work, according to the seventh edition of Salesforce’s ‘State of Marketing’ report. With many teams work remotely, how are marketers communicating and collaborating? This article weighs in. 

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