We’ve reached the last “Trending This Tuesday” of September and are officially entering Q4 and “Spooky Season.” 👻 So, to get it kicked off properly so that you can have scary good marketing this quarter, we wanted to share some of our favorite articles of the month on everything from marketing rules for the customer generation, key social metrics to track and more.

1. 5 New Marketing Rules For Today’s Customer Generation via Advisorpedia

Times are changing, and new generations of customers seem to respond better to the participative approach, where they get to provide their input via social media and on the internet. So, how can you adjust your marketing to be more effective this year and beyond?

  1. Make your marketing exploratory and dynamic
  2. Use experiments versus designing the ideal ad
  3. Motivate customers to participate and engage
  4. Partner with others to create blending offerings
  5. Market solutions as an experience or an event

Get more insight into each point in the full article!

2. What I Learned From 60 Website Reviews In 4 Days via The Podcast Factory

If you could get more people to click on your calls to action and book an appointment, think about how much more revenue you would have. In this episode of The Podcast Factory, James Pollard, reviewed 60 advisor websites in four days to find the most common mistakes and how to fix them! It’s incredibly insightful, so be sure to give it a listen and see if your website needs a few tweaks.

3. The Key Social Platform Metrics to Track [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Are you trying to boost your social strategy? Of course! In order to do this, it’s pertinent that you are tracking the right KPIs. Semrush put together a handy infographic to help you figure out what you should be tracking in order to grow and reach your social media marketing goals.

4. A 5-Step Prospecting Process To Sell Your Advisor Value With Greater Confidence And Trust via Kitces

For many advisors, choosing their profession was based on a desire to help others achieve their financial goals. And while it’s important to grow their businesses, it can be difficult to adopt marketing and sales processes in order to do so. In this episode, Stephanie Bogan comes on to chat about how advisors can boost their confidence and share their stories in order to find the right clients for your company and filter out those that aren’t the best fit.

5. The three things you need to do personalisation properly via MarketingWeek

Personalization is key when it comes to your marketing, but how can you ensure that is is working for you? By focusing on marketing communications and purchase journeys for existing customers at an individual level, a strong customer experience really adds to the long-term value. So, to do personalization properly, remember these three things:

  1. Good quality and complete customer data is key to delivering effective personalization
  2. Technology is an enabler but not the solution
  3. Viewing personalisation strategies as a long-term commitment instead of short-term is crucial

To understand this part of personalization is key, so make sure you are using them in your marketing.

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