Happy September! We’re nearly a week in, so let’s kick our roundup kicked off! From tips for creating and using personas to the types of social posts you can use to showcase your brand and more, it’s a good one.

1. How Can Financial Advisors Create and Use Personas? via Three Crowns Marketing

A persona helps you to figure out the type of prospect that you want to target, so how do you build the ideal one for your firm? Think about some of your favorite clients that you already serve…what do they have in common? When you build a persona, you are breaking down what you like so much about them and then create a guide so that you can target more people like them. Ask these five questions to help you create and use a persona:

  1. Who are my favorite current clients
  2. What are the demographics of your current core clients?
  3. What is their financial situation?
  4. Why do your ideal clients come to you?
  5. How do you help them to solve their problems?

Think about these questions when are trying to find and target your ideal audience and go from there.

2. This One Thing Will Determine Your Success or Failure in Marketing via The Podcast Factory

While advisors need to think analytically to help their clients, it doesn’t always work for their marketing strategy. Tune into this episode to see how the analytical mindset is actually hurting your marketing. Some of the highlights include:

  • The truth about why 90% of financial advisors suck at marketing (and how to fix it)
  • Why starting a podcast will devour your time and money without resulting in new clients (and a simple tweak for using your podcast to magnetize your ideal clients)
  • How to improve every marketing campaign you run by studying water
  • The counterintuitive reason your analytical mind makes marketing almost impossible (even if it helps you serve your clients)
  • Why a mediocre LinkedIn page converts at a higher rate than an amazing profile
  • How worrying about your marketing metrics sabotages your results
  • Why the economics of being a financial advisor gives you an unfair marketing advantage

Tune in below and start marketing your business better!

3. 6 Social Media Posts Financial Advisors Can Use To Showcase Their Brand via Advisorpedia

With 3.9 billion people on social media, it’s no wonder that it’s a huge part of a successful digital marketing strategy. So, if you want to stand out on social, here are six ways to do this and showcase your brand:

  1. Celebrate the holidays
  2. Share your excitement for the things you enjoy
  3. Emphasize your events
  4. Hand off your hobbies
  5. Remember the pop culture phenomenon
  6. Use memes

Make your social posts memorable with these six examples.

4. Social Selling on LinkedIn: 19 Steps to a Profitable Social Media Strategy [Infographic] via Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking to become more profitable on LinkedIn, then these 19 steps will help you do to this. The handy infographic below breaks them down into the following:

  • Personal branding – the foundation of social selling on LinkedIn
  • Content marketing – build authority, credibility, and trust
  • Explore opportunities – expand your LinkedIn network
  • Engage and interact – social selling is relationship building
  • LinkedIn sales conversion – move the conversation offline

5. Episode 109: Building an Engaged Audience on Social: How Callie Cox and eToro Do It via The Advisor Lab

Tune into this episode to hear from Callie Cox, an investment analyst at eToro, who has built an incredibly engaged audience on Twitter. She’s done so by talking about all things macro and the market. Learn how everything that she puts out engages new readers.

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