It’s important to keep your email contact list fresh and up-to-date. Once you have a lean, efficient email list, it’s time to start updating those contacts with your email newsletter. With our Campaigns tool, you can accomplish this task in three easy steps.

1. Log into your FMG Suite Dashboard.

2. Look at the left navigation, click on “Email” under the “Setup” section and then select “Contacts.”

3. Click “Add Contact” if you want to manually add an individual contact. Or, click the wheel on the right to import a CSV file.

Once you’ve added your existing list, we recommend creating groups based on your marketing goals. Check out our blog post for ideas on ways to segment your list.

Also, don’t forget to update it as time goes on! We suggest that when meeting someone new, ask for their email address and explain that you have a great email newsletter that you think will benefit them.

Now that you have your email list uploaded, you can start sending email newsletters! Send out one manually at anytime, or schedule for a monthly newsletter to automatically send.