LinkedIn is the one social site that is really geared toward the business sector. A recent survey showed that 61% of advisors who used LinkedIn had found at least one client there.

LinkedIn has several great tools for networking: one is LinkedIn Groups. Encourage advisors to join a few of the many groups geared toward financial professionals and make new contacts, get some great ideas, and even generate some new business.

In addition to professional networking, several advisors we know are active on LinkedIn Groups as a lead-generation tool. Here is how it works:

they first find groups that are talking about financial matters. For example, just searching on LinkedIn Groups under the word “retired” yields over 800 groups, and narrowing that down to “open” groups yields over 200 groups of various kinds that are interested in retirement issues. Advisors choose groups that have special interest for them (such as retired

veterans, or retired teachers, etc.) and go on to that conversation stream. As questions are raised, these advisors join the conversation with answers that showcase their expertise. It is a great way to build some new relationships.

For a more in-depth discussion of LinkedIn groups, have advisors take a look at Brandons’s 3-minute online tutorial: LinkedIn Groups as a Business Building Tool.

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