A hashtag is a word or phrase following the pound sign (#) used to identify a message regarding a specific topic, typically a trending topic or a topic people are searching for, such as “recipe” or “GameofThrones.” Hashtags are powerful, particularly on Twitter. Posts with hashtags get 60% more interactions on average than those without. By using a hashtag, you can jump on a trending topic and reach a much larger audience than you normally would. This is a great way for someone to build their following.

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While advisors and insurance agents may assume that 401(k) rollovers and umbrella insurance are rarely trending on social media (they’d be correct), this doesn’t mean they can’t use hashtags to their advantage. For example, “GameofThrones” typically trends the day of and day after a new episode airs. If you watch the show, you can jump on this trend and relate it to a financial topic, such as how risky or aggressive the portfolio of a certain character would be. Is it high brow and intellectual? Maybe not, but it sure is fun and interesting to social media users.

Social Pilot offers a great overview of hashtags and how to use them. Check it out here.

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