In 2016 video already made up 73% of all internet traffic and by the year 2021, that number will rise to 82%. What does this mean for you and your advisory? If you are not taking advantage of video communication, you are missing out on one of the primary modes of communication available to express your brand promise to clients and prospects.

Many advisors experience resistance to starting video marketing. There is a fear of prohibitive costs, questionable quality, and the unknown effect it might have on an advisor’s reputation if something ‘went wrong.’

Video production can be done in-house for almost nothing. Smartphones and consumer grade equipment are not only affordable but powerful tools that can help a novice video maker achieve professional-level results. Even if you farm out your video production to freelancers or agencies, the price can be surprisingly affordable. The average price of a marketing video for a small business is under $1000, with many brands and companies shooting even less expensive videos with

Fmg Suite’s VP of Creative, Brandon Brown gives this advice:

“Carve out a period, a week or a month, and use video to communicate as many messages as possible. If you blog, try shooting a video on your phone for your blog. If you have a one on one message for a client, instead of typing a long email try making a video for that. Try to find ways to solve the problem with video, and that will reveal the litany of ways you can integrate video into your marketing.”

Here at FMG Suite, we are big believers in the power of video. In this video, we explain our own process for creating our award videos. While we have a sizable team behind our video creation efforts, we hope that some of our strategies can inspire and guide you as you embark on your video creation efforts.