Wealth & Pension Services Group is a wealth management and retirement plan consulting firm in the Atlanta, Georgia area. As longtime FMG Suite user, they have relied on our tools to maintain their marketing efforts and online presence. Here, we chat with their Chief Investment Officer, Bill Kring, to learn more about how FMG Suite has helped their firm’s marketing.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped you with your marketing efforts?

Currently, we’re using the website, mobile app, and social media tool, and we enjoy using all of them. They help make our marketing efforts much easier. It’s simple to share educational materials on a regular basis to our social media network and keep our website updated with new content.

You have received two new clients due to your website. How exactly did that happen?

Essentially, these clients found our website through a Google search. They were both in our local Atlanta area, checked out our site, filled out the contact form on our website, and we got in touch with them. One came onboard as a wealth management client, while the other was on our 401(k) services side of the business. We were really pleased because it was simple to take them on as new clients and they are both really good fits for our firm. Our website did a great job of explaining what we do and what type of clients we work with, and was easy to find online.


What do you like most about your website?

All around, we love our website. We can mix our custom content with FMG Suite content very easily and keep our website updated. The dashboard is very intuitive so anyone on my team can login and add or change information. Not only does our website look nice, but it is also mobile friendly and looks great on any device.

Would you recommend FMG Suite to other financial advisors?

Absolutely. FMG Suite seems to truly understand our business and how to approach marketing for the financial services industry. From the website to the marketing tools, they all offer a great value to advisors.