We all know the saying, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression.” In light of our recent Moonlight release, it has become even easier for agents and advisors to create a powerful home page. From rotators to sections to copy, there are many things to consider when crafting your home page, and we want to lay out some guidelines that will help you put your best foot forward.


Advisors who have worked with our Exclusive design team know the importance of clearly laid out sections on their home page. Most of our Exclusive themes give users the opportunity to add sections promoting an app download, showcasing their upcoming events, or sharing their newest blog post. Our designers recommend adding three to five sections, depending on the content.

Think of your home page as a “5 second test.” Will a visitor know what you do in the first five seconds? Will they know how to contact you? Sections allow you to create a hierarchy of your most important information, and hopefully answer those questions with ease.

For an example of how sections can aid a home page, check out this Exclusive site, Paragon Financial Services. They have great images, prominent access to the FMG content library, a summary and video, an app download opportunity, helpful content, and a newsletter opt-in — all on the home page!


One of the most important things service professionals can do for their home page is choose professional images. We often suggest using a picture of your office or staff, a picture of your surrounding area, or a picture of the clients you seek to serve. For more information on image selection (and other web design questions), check out our blog post on web design tips.


Chances are, this is the section of your home page that is the most intimidating for service professionals. Although you may not consider yourself a writer, your home page needs some sort of introduction to show clients and prospects who you are.

Usually, the summary on a home page isn’t more than two or three sentences. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed, try following this recipe:

  1. Introduce yourself and your firm. What makes you different? Why should someone work with you?
  2. Give a brief overview of your services. Remember, clients will be able to find more information in your site. Just highlight some of the most important aspects.
  3. Encourage them to reach out. It may be helpful to list what areas you serve or your phone number and email.

By carefully considering layout, images, and text, you can create a home page that sets your website apart from your competition. Polish those shoes, straighten that tie, and go out there and share your best self with your website viewers! 

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