Bryan Wieferich is a LPL Financial advisor and the founder of Wieferich Financial. He spoke with us and shared his marketing successes, including gaining new clients thanks to his FMG Suite website.

How did you first learn about FMG Suite?

FMG Suite is one of LPL’s Affinity vendors, so I knew they were approved with our compliance. I was convinced to use FMG Suite because loved all the available options and the customer service was great.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

FMG Suite’s marketing tools have given us a better, more professional online presence. Our website looks really nice and is easy for clients and prospects to navigate. I love the “Ask Me a Question” widget on my website because it encourages people to reach out.

Have you experienced any success using our tools?

I have received a lot of positive feedback since my website went live. Additionally, I’ve actually received some new clients because of it! One prospect I had been speaking with noticed my new website and called me. They said they checked out the site and the information and, as a result, felt really comfortable doing business with me. The website legitimized my move to independence with LPL Financial and I think the website sealed the deal for me in gaining this new client.

Would you recommend FMG Suite to other financial advisors?

Yes, and I already have! I’ve been very happy with FMG Suite.

Check out Bryan’s amazing looking website here.

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