My new website is officially live! Years ago, I worked with a web company to try to design a website. It was such a grueling, time consuming process that the site was never finished and I promised myself I would never go through the process again.

Sometime later, I had an introductory meeting with an influential client. I called him two days after our meeting to follow up. He said, “I went to check your website and didn’t find anything. What’s your web address?” I knew I was about to lose a potential A+ client due to lack of credibility.

Fortunately, I had kept my old domain name and decided to work with website experts FMG Suite this time around. They took care of nearly everything to create a first rate website. I rewrote a couple of articles, added my pictures and made sure everything fit my current business objectives.

But the best part is, they dealt with compliance! All I had to do was submit my writing and they worked with the compliance department and made the required changes. I didn’t have to chase down a dozen signatures, wait weeks for a response and change minor words to satisfy compliance regulations.

If you realize the importance of having a web presence and you are looking for an easy, cost-effective way to make it happen, I highly recommend FMG Suite!

-Michael Hartwig, Ph.D.