Your website is the backbone of your business, supporting all of your digital marketing efforts. Creating an enchanting website is hard to do in just one afternoon. That’s why we’re put together a webinar series to take you on a magical website building journey. Whether you are casting a creation spell on a new website or making updates to an existing one, by the end of our webinar series, you’ll be a website wizard.

Join Bailey Sanz, FMG Suite’s Customer Experience Analyst, and Iris Wu, FMG Suite’s Growth Marketing Strategist on Website Wizardry Series, Part 1: Creating a Team Page that Inspires! In our first 45-minute webinar of the series, we focused on the team page, where prospects meet the magical people behind your brand.Dive into the spell books and learn how to build a team page that is sure to charm!

Watch our spellbindingly immersive course replay for:

  • Why a team page matters
  • What makes an inspiring team page
  • How to build a team page on FMG Suite
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