Calls to action are the places on your marketing materials where you ask your reader to take the next step. Whether that is scheduling a meeting, downloading a white paper, or submitting a question, they are your opportunity to drive engagement. So what are some differences between a weak call to action and a strong call to action?

Strong calls to action are specific, detailed, and interesting. We have all seen the “Learn More,” “Submit,” or “Download” calls to action. But in fact, the buttons that perform the best are more detailed and show your client or prospect exactly what they are going to get. For example, you could prompt your website visitors to schedule an initial consultation, download your new white paper all about retirement, or schedule a half hour meeting on your calendar. They do need to be short, but you can have a little fun with it!

We’ve talked before about tips on creating a strong call to action, where they should live on your website, and whether or not they should be on every page. Do your research on these important engagement opportunities!