AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a Google-based project that rewards mobile-responsive sites and displays search results in easy to find boxes on the top of a search result on your phone. Here, Marina and Brandon explain further and also share whether or not financial advisors should be concerned with this AMP program (they also guess at whether the marketing box is a father of four or more of the bachelor type!)

Google is always changing its software and AMP is a response to the increased mobile traffic that is surging in popularity. But this technical advance isn’t necessarily something that should be keeping advisors up at night worrying about their marketing. For most of you, your web traffic will come from referrals or direct searches (when someone types in your firm’s name). While SEO is important, it’s not the magic wand that many marketers make it out to be. There’s no doubt that it’s crucial to have a mobile-responsive site for many reasons, including being AMP-eligible and, more importantly, making it easier for people to consume your website on their phone.

This article from Search Engine Land does a great job of explaining AMP in detail.