When executing an online marketing strategy, there is a lot about which to think. Not only do you need to plan which content you are presenting to clients and prospects, but how they access it. UX stands for User Experience, and it is a crucial part of your online design strategy. UX is relatively new discipline within the world of design. The name “user experience” was first used by Dr. Donald Norman, a researcher and cognitive scientist who pioneered the idea of user-centered design.

38% of users will stop engaging with a site if the layout is unattractive. To make sure this doesn’t happen on your site consider the following points.

User Experience is About More Than Just a Pretty Website

User experience is about more than just the pictures that make up your homepage or making sure that your fonts are stylish. It is about the way your site is organized, how it presents itself and how the information is organized. Having a well thought out taxonomy, for example, is crucial to good UX. Not only will it help your Search engine Optimization, but a good taxonomy will also define the focus of your site and help a reader logically navigate your material.

Mobile User Experience is Crucial

The shift to mobile is well underway. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile. 2 out of every 3 minutes spent online are spent on mobile. If your site is not built on a mobile responsive platform, it will result in a massive drop off of users as the experience of scrolling, swiping and clicking on a site designed for a large screen will drive them insane.

Personalize the Experience

User experience is all about how a user feels when they are using your site. It is about the way that information presents to them and how they take it in. 74% of online consumers get frustrated when website content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. By using algorithms that suggest related content to a user, you will be able to help personalize a user’s experience so that they will not only enjoy it more, but they will engage with your site longer.

By focusing on your user’s experience and making sure that your content is being presented in a logical and appealing way you will ensure that your online marketing efforts will be more successful and better received by your current clients and prospects investigating your services.