Through the process of building websites for thousands of financial advisors, we often are asked for a recommendation for custom logo design. We refer advisors to 99 Designs or LogoBids, two logo design marketplaces.


Essentially the sites will “crowd source” the creation of the advisor’s logo, which gives the advisor a variety of options to choose from.

Here’s How It Works

The advisor creates a contest for their logo on 99Designs or LogoBids. They provide some basic guidance (colors ideas, what they like, what they don’t like). Then, freelance designers submit logos based on the guidance. The advisor chooses the logo that they like best and the winning designer is awarded the prize money.

The cost starts at $300 to run a listing on 99 Designs and the designer can set their own price on LogoBids. Both of the sites have a money back guarantee if the submissions are not to the advisors liking. Usually, advisors get about 25 designer submissions: 10 are low quality, 10 are decent, and 5 are very good. And for most advisors, 5 choices is just the right amount to choose from. For a 30% discount on a LogoBids design contest, use the code “FMGSuite” at checkout!