Every year more and more advisors realize that they need to improve their marketing efforts. For many, this means spending much time and/or money to dedicate to the action.

Whether they are taking time from their busy schedule, diverting their staff’s focus, or hiring an entirely new position, the commitment can stop many advisors from even trying. This frustration may be why only 44% of B2B companies have a documented marketing strategy.  

The key to growing your business through your marketing is to keep it going long-term. The key to keeping your marketing going long-term? Automation.

Marketing automation for financial services helps you:

  • Stay top of mind
  • Celebrate birthdays and holidays
  • Save time on your marketing
  • Provide market updates
  • Target your ideal clients

Once it becomes clear that you need to automate your marketing, you must decide what content you will use.

One option is to create the content yourself. With compliance concerns, creating unique content can be a pretty big commitment. Most advisors who try it can only keep it going for a short while. Marketing automation for financial services works best when you have a stream of fresh content being delivered directly to your system. FMG Suite offers several content campaigns that feed directly into your automated system. 

In a recent webinar, Guide to Marketing Automation, we shared a few powerful opportunities for marketing automation for financial services:

  1. Personalized Greeting Cards 
  2. Monthly Market Insights
  3. Email Campaigns
  4. Referral Campaigns
  5. Pre-retiree Campaigns

Personalized Greeting Cards

Of all the mail you get, birthday and holiday cards are the best. FMG Suite’s personalized greeting card campaign helps you celebrate your clients’ birthday and major holidays by sending them a personalized physical greeting card. 

Prefer to keep it digital? Send automated emails to your clients and prospects for birthdays and holidays. Your network will never get the same message twice, and the emails even include specific financial tips based on the recipients’ age.

Monthly Market Insights

The markets are continually changing. These days more than ever, your clients and prospects are looking for a source of expertise they can count on. Providing your clients and candidates with insightful and relevant content is a valuable service. With FMG Suite’s Monthly Market Insights, you can automatically send a brief market commentary video and a supplemental report of the past month’s market performance. It will also provide a look at the month to come.

Email Campaigns

In a survey of investors, 72%  said they left their previous advisor because they failed to communicate. Marketing automation for financial services businesses helps you build, manage, and send messages that will keep your client relationships in good shape. These automated campaigns provide you with quality content, like professionally designed informational videos, you can distribute to your clients and prospects.

Referral Requests

Did you know that 83% of clients are willing and ready to give a referral, but only 23% are ever asked for one? Don’t let this tremendous opportunity pass you by. Launch a campaign that sends a quarterly email to your clients. The reminder to refer friends and family are spaced out enough not to annoy clients but often sufficient to keep a steady stream of referrals flowing into your marketing funnel. FMG Suite’s referral campaign sends automatic reminder emails every quarter to maximize results. This campaign makes marketing automation for financial services a no-brainer.

Pre-Retiree Campaigns

The more personalized you can make your automated communications, the more effective they will be. By targeting a group with similar needs and concerns, you can tailor your content to their needs. One of the most critical times in one’s financial life is the transition into retirement. From 401(k) and IRA rollovers to estate planning, multiple strategies go into creating a successful retirement. With FMG Suite Pre-Retirees Campaign, you can establish yourself as a retirement planning expert and encourage pre-retirees to choose you for their financial planning needs.

If you plan to invest time in your marketing efforts, remember to incorporate automation and a consistent stream of high-quality content. If you take it all on yourself, you’ll struggle to keep it going month after month, year after year. 

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