It’s not uncommon for us to receive amazing feedback from our clients, many of whom share incredible success stories. From building an influential online presence to gaining new clients to landing million dollar accounts, financial advisors using our marketing automation platform see results from day one.

Roc Senavinin, a financial advisor and President of RIA firm Fiduciary Wealth Management, is the proud owner of one of our Exclusive sites, which he worked through with his project coordinator, Amy. His new website has gained the interest of clients, prospects, and even some major Centers of Influence. Check it out!

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and how did you decide to choose FMG Suite for your website and digital marketing?

I first learned about FMG by doing extensive online research for a reputable firm that specializes in websites for financial professionals. I later ran across another mention about FMG Suite on a blog post from Claire Akin, of Indigo Marketing Agency. I made my decision based on all of the great things Claire mentioned in her blog about FMG Suite.

What do you like most about your website?

It’s very modern. Too many advisors neglect this very important aspect of their business. It’s your digital business card and you need to make sure you have a fresh, modern and responsive website at all times.

Have you experienced any specific successes using our tools?

I have used some of the tools on the back end of the site, which Amy showed me after our process. They have been very helpful, and I enjoy the simplicity of the system. The Dashboard makes it easy to make changes to my site, instead of having to rely on a designer to have to make complex coding changes.

In addition, I have received numerous positive comments from clients, prospects, and very high level Centers of Influences that I’ve been working with over the years. It feels nice to have a website that I am proud of and eager to direct people to.

Would you recommend FMG to other advisors? If so, why?

Absolutely, without a doubt, I am completely blown away with the FMG Suite process, support and the end product has turned out to be amazing.

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