It’s not uncommon for us to receive amazing feedback from our clients, many of whom share incredible success stories. From building an influential online presence to gaining new clients to landing million dollar accounts, financial advisors using our marketing automation platform see results from day one.

William Bryan, a financial advisor based in Pomona, California and was excited to tell us about his FMG successes, including scoring $1.7 million of assets under management as a result of our Social Foundation tool.

How did you first learn about FMG Suite and how did you decide to choose FMG Suite for your website and digital marketing?

I originally heard of FMG Suite through my old broker-dealer, but it wasn’t until I transferred over to a new OSJ that I really started considering the importance of updating my website. They had a web platform, but it didn’t have nearly the functionality of FMG Suite and I was especially drawn to your dashboard’s ease-of-use and the automated email and social tools. These aspects, as well as the timely and on-point content, are why I decided to go with your company.

How have the FMG Suite tools helped with your marketing efforts?

I always knew the importance of branding, but as an independent advisor with only a home office, it was hard to compete with some of the bigger firms. With FMG’s help, I am now able to better brand myself and my business and keep up with the big dogs of the industry.

Thinking ahead, I can see myself using FMG to further that brand as I dive into more advanced customization options on my website. I’m excited to take control of my marketing.

Do you have a favorite FMG tool? If so, which one and why?

It’s funny, when I originally signed up all I wanted was to get a website up and running and I wasn’t too concerned with other marketing tools. But once I realized how much content was available through FMG, I went further and purchased additional tools, namely the social and email campaigns tool. I soon had a turn-key advisory business that utilized current content and social media platforms.

Have you experienced any specific successes using our tools? Or received any positive feedback from clients or prospects?

Within 2 months of setting up my website and social tool through FMG, I got some leads from Facebook that led to $1.7 million under management. I have also started to redefine my business because as much as I value my current clients, I know it is crucial that I start targeting a younger market to keep my business alive and manage wealth transfers when the time comes. Younger clients are all over social media, so I hope this will lead to even more motivation for these clients to reach out.

What do you like most about your FMG website?

Honestly, it looks like I spent a lot more time and energy on it than I did but in reality, your team did most of the work. It has already helped me further my brand and the process of building and making changes to my website was even easier than I imagined. I am also surprised at the levels of customization I can do and I look forward to taking the time to get to know the FMG system better.

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