A brand positioning strategy is a plan that defines your unique identity through specific, consistent messaging in everything from digital marketing to the services you offer. Your brand is not your name, website, or logo; your brand is the story of who you are that separates you from every other financial services provider.

Financial advisor branding is all about building an online presence that connects to the needs, emotions, and intellect of prospects. A successful brand positioning strategy will define your company in a way that distinguishes it from the thousands of other service providers and creates a powerful and stable competitive advantage.

Imagine what harnessing the power of financial advisor branding could do for your company. The story of your specific approach to financial services and client relationships builds trust, creates a position of authority, and helps increase your AUM.

FMG Suite Marketing Strategist Explains His Four Marketing Pillars

One of the greatest challenges financial advisors face is keeping up with the latest marketing trends. They’re so busy taking care of their current clients and running their business that they don’t have time to learn marketing. Even if advisors do sporadically catch up on marketing best-practices,…

How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines

269 Billion. No, it’s not the GDP of Bangladesh (although it is close). It is how many emails are sent worldwide every day. On average, a business professional receives around 125 emails a day.  Email marketing is one of the most potent weapons in the battle to find more clients. Some researchers…