Building relationships with clients and prospects isn't easy, and it isn't quick. If the building blocks of a strong, long-term relationship are trust, confidence, and compatibility, then the foundation must be communication. Thanks to FMG Suite's extensive library of content about client relationship development, you can learn how to communicate more effectively in one-on-one consultations, digital marketing, presentations, and other interactions. You can build trust and instill confidence in your prospects and clients by learning client relationship best practices from financial services industry experts right here at FMG Suite.

From client relationship management (CRM) systems to effective digital marketing, you can access useful, timely information on nearly any topic that involves advisor and client interaction. You'll learn how being more open and genuine is one of the most powerful tools you can use, how to get and use client feedback, and many other components of successful client relationship management strategies. With fresh, up-to-date research and news, our growing library of content could become your go-to resource for increasing your client base and maintaining strong client relationships.

Marketing Mistakes - Financial Advisors

Client Events to Review Specific Holdings

When you're planning client events, think about the interests and concerns of your clients. Many are curious about their largest holdings and enjoy learning about market trends. Watch this marketing tip to learn how to engage clients and add credibility to your client events! How do I Add…

Two Ways for Advisors to Get Client Feedback

Regularly collecting feedback from clients can save advisors both time and money, help resolve problems before they get out of hand, save time and improve client service. Yet, most advisors avoid the client feedback exercise for years on end. No one likes getting negative feedback, but taking the…

Generate Referrals With Client Events

We know that our "A" clients typically refer other "A" clients. But are you using client appreciation events geared towards your top tier clients to garner introductions to their friends and network? Watch this video to learn how to leverage social media to make the most of your events and how to…

4 Steps to Successful Inbound Marketing Step #4 Trust Me

Inbound marketing involves four important steps for your advisors. We might label them Find Me, Learn From Me, Talk to Me, and Trust Me. As your advisors become adept at inbound marketing their business will grow. Here is step four. TRUST ME All of your advisors' inbound marketing efforts will…

How to Build and Maintain Strong Client Relationships

Building and maintaining strong relationships in the financial services industry isn't that different from any other business relationship. You have to treat each client as an individual, provide exceptional client service, and develop an atmosphere of trust and confidence. But when your "product" is wealth building, there is an implied level of risk from a client standpoint. This natural risk aversion means that the trust level must be very high in these types of relationships and communication must be clear and concise, informative and insightful.

When you take the time to stay abreast of industry trends and news with resources like FMG Suite and share that knowledge with clients and prospects, you create more trust and credibility. When you invest in learning about client relationship development, you increase your ability to communicate more effectively, and your clients and prospects will come to see you as a financial services authority they consider knowledgeable and reliable.