downloadLinkedIn is the largest network of professionals online, and if you’re not a part of it, you’re missing a crucial marketing opportunity. LinkedIn reaches more than 300 million users worldwide. More than 40% of its users check LinkedIn daily and the average LinkedIn user has a household income of $109,000. One study of high net worth individuals (meaning those with an annual income of $200,000 or more) found that 75% use Internet social sites such as LinkedIn for investment research.

Essentially what we’re saying is, financial advisors who master LinkedIn open incredible doors to obtaining new clients. But just like any social media platform or marketing strategy, LinkedIn requires strategy. Having a profile is not enough. You have to create a profile that establishes yourself as a knowledgeable and unique financial professional and that attracts your ideal clientele. Creating a dynamic profile is just the first step. You then must know how to connect with acquaintances and transform a referral into a client.

It’s taken some marketing professionals years to master LinkedIn, but what if it only took you a few hours of reading? It’s now possible with “The 2016 LinkedIn Guide for Financial Advisors,” a new book written by Claire Akin. Claire is a former investment advisor representative turned marketing guru who now lends her expertise to financial advisors to help them grow their business. In this book, you’ll learn the six-step process for generating referrals on LinkedIn, as well:

  • How to supercharge your profile
  • Identifying qualified prospects
  • Asking for an introduction
  • Content marketing on LinkedIn
  • Advanced search techniques
  • LinkedIn Premium and paid ads

What do we love most about this book? Too often, social media guides speak vaguely and broadly to business owners and professionals, but this book was specifically written for financial advisors. Claire takes compliance concerns into mind and many other unique business elements financial advisors face. The guide is so well-written, even the most novice of social media users can confidently start using LinkedIn.

You can also purchase a Kindle or paperback copy of the book on Amazon.