Working with a logo designer is likely uncharted territory for most financial advisors. But by asking the right questions, you and your designer can work together to get something crafted that is right for your business. Here are some of the top things you should discuss with your logo professional.

Checklist Item #1: What type of logo is best for my business?

Generally, there are two main types of logos: typefaces logos and logos based around an abstract image. Your logo designer will know more in detail, but we generally recommend financial advisors go with a logo that has your complete DBA stylized and easily recognizable.

During this phase, also talk about any fonts you like or have used on other marketing materials. Different fonts play different roles and your designer will know which is best for your situation.

Checklist Item #2: What key principles of my business should be reflected in my logo?

In one of our previous posts, we talked about what makes a great logo and one of those things is making sure your value propositions are reflected in your logo. What do you want clients and prospects to gather in the first glance of your logo?

Expressing these values and principles to your logo designer is key because they will help the designer make a logo that accurately reflects your business. Take LogoBids for example — before starting the process with a designer, you must answer questions like what you are looking for in a logo, who your target market is, if you have a tagline or slogan, and more information about your company. These answers help guide the designer in the right direction.

Checklist Item #3: What colors would work best in my logo?

The colors in your logo might be the most important aspect because they will be translated onto other things, including your website. Most designers can go on for days about the psychology behind different colors, but for your purposes you just need to understand the basics. Most designers suggest sticking with a few colors maximum, matching the colors to any other marketing materials or office design that you have, and designing a logo that can be easily translated to other mediums.

Checklist Item #3: How many revisions do I get?

Most designers enter a project with a set number of revisions and it’s important to know these before starting on your logo. Just like with anything, don’t expect your logo to be perfect the first go-around. Work with your designer to offer edits or critique to get your logo just the way you want it.

Likely, anything after the agreed round of changes will cost extra, so make sure to lay these expectations out on the table early.

Checklist Item #4: How much will my logo cost?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to know how much you are expected to pay for your logo. Set a budget before starting the process to avoid overspending or being caught off-guard by other expenses. 99designs, a logo design website, starts at $300 for their lowest tier package. This includes about 30 designs from beginning designers.

Even though you might not be used to spending hundreds of dollars on a marketing asset, your logo is the cornerstone of your marketing materials. By investing in a quality logo now, you will have to redesign it less in the future (some marketers say that a good logo can last 10 years!). Think about everything your logo will be on, including your website, social media platforms, brochures, and more and you will quickly see that cutting corners on this important asset might not be an option.

These are just a few checklist items to get you started working with a logo designer. By trusting your designer’s intuition, expressing your business propositions, and working together to fit your logo to your company, you will be well on your way to a beautiful logo in no time.