AppMobile applications are all the craze. According to Think with Google, people spend an average of 30 hours on apps a month and are likely checking their apps morning, noon, and night. It’s no wonder that marketers across all industries are looking to capture these micro-moments and exposure with their customers. Let’s look at why it’s a good idea to have a mobile app for your firm and how to promote your app after setting it up.

Why Apps?

A mobile app is an extension of a website that lives on a user’s smartphone or other mobile device. Brands use mobile apps for a variety of things, but some common purposes we have witnessed in the financial industry specifically including sending push notifications (updates) directly to a client’s phone, providing regular personal finance tips, and driving traffic back to their blog. These are all ways you can use an app to stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects and we create mobile apps for our clients and personalize them with the firm’s brand and website design.

Once you have your app set up and ready to go, it’s time to market! Below are five easy ways to make sure your new app is getting traction:

Promote Your App on Your Website

One great way to promote your app is to add a widget or page on your website to explain the benefits and provide a download link. Tungsten Wealth Management, for example, has a section on their homepage just dedicated to their app. They also have a page on their navigation that they designed to complement the app.

This addition makes it easy for clients and prospects to be directed to the app and if they are browsing on their mobile device, they can download it right then and there.

Make Sure Your App is Available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

40% of people who download apps find them through their mobile app store, therefore it’s crucial to have your app accurately listed and easily searchable in these storefronts. Below is a shot of what Tungsten Wealth Management’s app looks like in Apple’s App Store:

All of our apps come ready to download and are listed in both of these major app stores.

Email Your Clients to Announce Your App

There’s no reason why you can’t cross-promote your various marketing materials through email and social media. For example, send out an email that shares what your app is and how it helps clients (we’ve created a handy whitepaper to help!). On social media, you could craft a post about the benefits of having your app and include a direct download link.

Share Your App During Meetings

It may seem awkward at first, but just as you give your business card to prospects during meetings, you should mention your app and help your visitors download it while in the office. Think of your app as your new digital business card (but not as easy to lose!).

Having a mobile app for your firm will take your marketing to a new level and allow you to stay in front of your clients nearly 24/7. This brand exposure is crucial to building a solid following and loyal client base.