One of our favorite aspects of working with our financial advisors and broker-dealers is the reveal of each new website. It’s so exciting to see how the unique personality and perspective of each advisor results in a website that’s unlike any other. Our team takes great pride in working with our clients to create something beautiful that stays true to the advisor and the people they serve.

Though every site we create has its own distinct features, there are some that truly stand out. We’ve compiled a few of the best financial services websites to inspire you to take a new look at your own site.

1. Potomac Financial Consultants

Potomac Financial Consultants, located in Germantown, Maryland, has built a site that is fully customized and speaks to their main client base, women and families.

Why we love it:

The simplified navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, while the site’s design perfectly merges professionalism with approachability, making it one of the best financial services websites on our list.

“Clients seem to love it,” said owner Michelle Bender. “It’s easier to navigate than our old website and has a more streamlined – but still complete – feel to it.”

best financial advisor website potomac financial

2. Heritage Financial Advisors

The Heritage Financial Advisors website instantly stuns with a gorgeous image of a lake in Minnesota, where they are located. We love that they’ve included a definition of “heritage” in the first section, to emphasize their commitment to the name and approach.

Why we love it:

The Resource Center and Tools options provide a robust catalog of content for their clients, so any visitor can feel confident in the firm’s expertise. They also use their own personal images throughout the site, providing a sense of connection to their advisor, Larry Donna.

top financial services websites heritage financial

3. SA Piggush

Our designers Working with advisor Scott Piggush in Illinois, our designers took his unique color scheme and personal imagery to create the beautiful SA Piggush site.

Why we love it:

By working with Scott, our designers were able to completely customize the site template, creating a unique experience for visitors while catering to the specific goals of the firm.

Scott is thrilled by the finished product, explaining, “We’ve seen positive results in our website’s ability for clients and prospects to stay engaged to our site when they read the articles and newsletters we’ve included.” After a quick perusal of the site, it’s easy to see why their clients love it, and why we’ve named it a top financial services financial advisor websites SA piggush

4. Headway Financial Solutions

The first thing that catches our attention on the Headway Financial Solutions site is the personal imagery of advisor Misha Schryer and her team.

Why we love it:

By showing the team in action at their beautiful office, visitors feel instantly connected to this Denver-based firm.

The white spacing and color choices are modern and professional, and the CTAs on the subpages make it easier for visitors to become customers. The robust event calendar and resources make it apparent that this firm is committed to fully serving its clients. By adopting a personal feel, this site attracts new and existing clients alike.

best financial services websites Headway financial solutions

5. Family Capital Management

When our team built the Family Capital Management site, Cheri Lytikainen and Family Capital Management emphasized a desire to express their firm’s history and the personal service they provide every client.

Why we love it:

By using pre-designed pages, the Family Capital Management site was built extremely quickly, without sacrificing what makes the firm unique.

Lytikainen says they have received great positive feedback from their clients regarding their new financial advisor website. “We’ve seen an increase in social media-driven visits, as well as overall increased visibility on the web,” she explained. It’s always great to hear that a redesigned FMG Suite website is effective for our clients!

top financial services website family capital management

6. Sage Beacon

By combining its lighthouse logo with nautical imagery, Sage Beacon has created a distinct website that sets itself apart from competitors.

Why we love it:

The offset geometric shapes on the site draw your eye down the page, drawing you to each section while also providing a unique casualness to the site. A clean design accompanies this casual feel to create a feeling of trustworthiness.

The videos on the bottom appeal both to current customers as well as potential clients, and keep visitors engaged and connected. This streamlined top financial planning website provides all the information clients need in one friendly package.

top financial services websites sage beacon

7. Trible Financial

The entire Trible Financial site ensures clients that their experience will always be put first by advisor Bryan Trible.

Why we love it:

The first headline on this site is “Let’s Talk About Your Story,” which makes clients feel welcome, trusting that their individual needs are important to this advisor. Furthermore, Bryan’s bio is extremely personal, giving a sense of personality and showing what his business stands for.

It’s no wonder that Trible’s favorite feature of his FMG Suite site is “the flexibility, as well as the ability to easily add content.” It’s great to see how much he and his team have customized this top financial planning website to make it fit this unique firm.

top financial services websites trible financial company

8. EF Financial

The EF Financial site starts with a bang thanks to the unique modern design and a prominent image of the firm’s two leaders. It’s no wonder their main client base is young women, who likely feel drawn to the yellow and grey color scheme and young and fresh feel.

Why we love it:

Clear, effective copy emphasizes the client throughout this site, while effective use of brand color in not just CTAs, but images, draws the eye to specific elements on each page.

After working with the FMG Suite team, EF Financial was able to build a stunning website that truly fits their firm’s personality.

best financial advisor website design ef financial

9. Lion’s Bridge Financial

Lion’s Bridge offers a comprehensive catalog of services and caters to a variety of clients, including professional athletes and family leaders.

Why we love it:

Despite the wide number of clients they serve, Lion’s Bridge has accomplished the impossible by creating a site that feels organized and focused, while still appealing to each of their unique client bases.

CEO and Wealth Advisor Devin Garafalo said “We continually get compliments on the content, depth of our site and ‘how nice it is,’” and we agree!

10. Strategies for Wealth

Impressively, the 85-year-old Strategies for Wealth firm feels modern and professional thanks to a responsive FMG Suite website.

Why we love it:

The navy and blue color scheme provide solid branding throughout the site, reinforcing their respected age and presence.

We also love that the about page uses original videos, like an “In the News” section profiling their media appearances, and a showcase of their community involvement. It shows site visitors that this is a firm that is committed to serving its clients and its community and has done so for decades.

11. Lumena Financial Strategies

Located in San Diego, the Lumena Financial Strategies website features the stunning backdrops of this coastal city.

Why we love it:

We find their “Who We Serve” page particularly noteworthy, as it breaks down the different client groups and what they might be looking for in an advisor.

They have been thrilled by their new site, and explained, “Our clients have better access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, including access to helpful links, articles, and tools.” We’re so glad to hear that the FMG Suite resources have been beneficial to Lumena and their clients.

12. Arrow & Bow Wealth

The Arrow and Bow website feels professional yet still relevant to their younger niche client.

Why we love it:

The Arrow and Bow site’s use of nature photos gives a lifestyle feel and shows how working with this practice can help more than just your financial life.

13. Indigo Wealth

The Indigo Wealth site uses a number of beautiful photos showcasing their surroundings in Oregon and Washington to instill a local feel to the site.

Why we love it:

The homepage includes many quizzes and resources for their clients, providing necessary information to both new and returning visitors.

“Without question, our clients and prospects are much more connected to financial information and ideas,” said President and advisor Michael Colvin. Their comprehensive offerings of ebooks and blogs give even the newest investor a crash course in the financial world.

14. Gentz Financial Services

The personal touch of the Gentz Financial Services website shows that this advisor goes above and beyond to act as an educational resource for his clients.

Why we love it:

A colorful homepage and immediate use of video make this site stand out. But what makes this site go above and beyond is Nyles Gentz use of his own content – an ebook, workshops, and his radio appearances!

15. Success Wealth Management

Inspired by the eagle in their logo, the homepage of the Success Wealth Management site features a large image of the bird of prey, setting this site apart from their competitors.

Why we love it:

The dark color scheme of the site gives Success Wealth Management’s a sense of credibility and honesty.

Advisor Jorge Blanco has received great feedback on his site, explaining, “Clients and, even prospects, have mentioned that my website looks extremely professional when compared to others they had seen in their search for an advisor. I did get one client from someone who just googled advisors in the area and select me based on my website.” Browse his site for yourself, and you’ll agree that it is impressively impactful.

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