Your advisors meet new prospects every day. Fifteen years ago you would have told them to prepare for each new contact by creating and distributing professional business cards, but now your advice has changed. The best advice to give to advisors who are going to be connecting with new prospects? Work on your LinkedIn Summary!

The LinkedIn Summary is the very first thing you see on a LinkedIn page under the contact information. It explains a person’s professional intentions, helping new connections form opinions about what a working relationship would be like with this individual. The length of the summary should be comparable to your personal bio on your company website. A Summary includes information about the advisor’s professional mission, accomplishments and goals. Most summaries begin with a written statement, followed by a bulleted list of “Specialties.” LinkedIn now offers the opportunity to also add videos, images and documents to the Summary.

Here are three guidelines for an effective LinkedIn Summary:

  • Carefully written with SEO keywords in mind
  • Edited by a professional, or at least a trusted associate
  • Includes an advisor’s specialties, niche market, capabilities, and successes (The more specific, the better. It helps to include numerical statistics to support statements.)

In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to:

  • Add live video to the Summary
  • Add a presentation that showcases your capabilities as an advisor
  • Add photos that demonstrate career successes

How Are My Advisors Doing?

Below are a few questions you can ask your advisors to help get them going in the right direction with their LinkedIn Summaries:

  • If someone visited my profile, would they clearly understand what my capabilities are?
  • Does the LinkedIn Summary showcase my most significant career successes?
  • Does the LinkedIn summary communicate who my niche market is?

Spending a little extra time on crafting a LinkedIn Summary can be a valuable way for advisors to turn daily connections into clients.