Podcasts continue to gain in popularity as a convenient medium for entertainment and education. Covering almost every topic and industry, podcasts let you turn downtime into an opportunity to add to your skillset, keep abreast of trends, and learn new ways to increase business with one of the most powerful educational tools available. 

Financial advisors are notoriously busy people. Financial advisor podcasts are the perfect way to gain new knowledge about the financial services industry, marketing, sales, and much more. You may not think you have time to listen to podcasts, but if you think about the combined hours you spend driving, working out, and other activities, you can find the time. And the benefits are well worth it. 

The business podcast market is particularly robust, and there are many excellent programs that are informative and engaging. Whether you’re looking for an in-depth discussion regarding economics, a casual interview between entrepreneurs, or financial advisor success podcasts, it’s easy to find topics that can help you grow your firm. With a current catalog of over 500,000 podcasts on iTunes alone, there’s something for everyone on the podcast scene.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best financial advisor podcasts to get you started. If you’re ready to tap into the power of podcasts or add new ones to your current library, we recommend one of these informative choices:


Your MoneyConsidering that 45 percent of monthly podcast listeners have a household income over $75,000, compared to 35 percent for the total population, this is a good place to start. Hosted by the SEC, the “Your Money” podcast offers episodes about savings and retirement. Busting “get rich quick” myths, the show focuses on wise investing and asset allocation.

Tortoise QuickTake – One of the shortest financial podcasts around, Tortoise Capital Advisors produces QuickTake, which offers four-minute updates on trending market topics, such as speculation on the Fed’s interest rate moves and the price of oil.

Planet Money – Get unique takes on the latest economic news from this highly regarded NPR podcast. Insights about economic trends make this one of the best financial advisor podcasts to help you advise your clients with the most relevant and timely information about the economy. 

Practice Management

Financial Advisor SuccessGet industry insights and practical advice from successful financial advisors to take your advisory to the next level. From compliance to marketing, you’ll find plenty of information to help you add more value for your clients.


Between Now and Success – Hosted by Steve Sanduski, financial advisor coach, this podcast features inspiring interviews with top advisors who share their advice for succeeding in business, investing, and life. This is one of the most relevant financial advisor podcasts for keeping a healthy balance with your personal and professional life. 

Lead to Win – Host Michael Hyatt shares leadership lessons and insights every week for lasting success. You’ll find helpful tips that cover daily operations, marketing, sustainable growth, and more.

The Look and Sound of Leadership – Discover practical leadership tips to help you become a better manager and leader. You’ll find sound advice you can use in the real world from executive coaching experts. 


Market in Motion Podcast – For the latest in marketing advice that’s tailored to financial advisors, you don’t want to miss the FMG Suite podcast. Our bi-monthly podcast features interviews with industry professionals to give you proven, up-to-date insights and practical advice about growing your firm with targeted marketing. If you have any suggestions on what we should discuss in our podcast for financial advisors for future episodes, please let us know!

The Fizzle Show – This isn’t your average marketing podcast. Geared specifically toward online small business professionals, the podcast offers actionable tips on connecting with your targeted audience, building your brand, and converting prospects into clients. 

Marketing Over Coffee – Looking for a grab bag of marketing tips and updates on the latest trends? Look no further. Marketing Over Coffee releases weekly episodes sharing the latest news and real-world examples in the marketing world.

Social Media Marketing – Brush up on your social media skills with one of the most relevant financial advisor success podcasts out there. Harnessing the marketing power of social media is critical for your marketing strategy and this podcast will show you how to do it. 

When you make listening to the best financial advisor podcasts part of your normal routine, you’ll be able to use valuable insights from successful and knowledgeable marketing professionals, leadership experts, and financial advisors. From financial industry news to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll discover the information and tools you need to grow your firm and be a better advisor. 

Consider this. The average American spends almost an hour commuting to and from work. Assuming you work 46 weeks per year and five days per week, you could listen to almost a thousand 15-minute podcasts in one year. 

Imagine what you could learn about marketing, sales, finance, economics, leadership, and other topics during your commute when you listen to financial advisor podcasts. You can be a better advisor, a more inspirational leader, and a more savvy marketer just by making better use of your available time.